SSB Psychological Tests: Original TAT Pictures with Tips

SSB Psychological Tests: Original TAT Pictures with Tips

SSB Psychological Tests: Original TAT Pictures with Tips

SSB Psychological Tests: This test of the SSB Interview is viewed as generally precarious to break as it is assessed by logical techniques by the SSB assessors. SSB Psychological Tests have the following tests i.e Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT), and Self Description Test (SDT). In this article, we will give you tips and techniques to realize how to break TAT. Thematic Apperception Test is the main test that is led in the mental test battery in SSB Interview 

You would be indicated a total of 12 unique Pictures. The last twelfth Picture would be clear slide and you would need to compose any account of your own. Time given to compose your story is 4 min from which an underlying 30 seconds is notice and see the image. To get ready for the TAT test, first you need to comprehend what is needed from you when you endeavor this test and compose your story. The up-and-comers are suggested by SSB who are having Officers Like Quality as a part of their character. In this way, first, comprehend and realize what are these officials like characteristics and how might you instill these characteristics as a part of your character and afterward in your accounts. 

Your ought to compose your story in the past tense. Your story ought to have three things i.e what prompted the circumstance, what is happening in the image, and what is the intelligent result of the image. You should remember here that what prompted the circumstance should be finished in the 2 lines and the present continuous things or the activity part of the story that you have thought should be written in at any rate 6-7 line and you ought to close your story by giving the coherent result having great and positive importance. 

Things to remember while writing TAT 

  • Try not to go about as a superhuman or adopt an unreasonable strategy to deal with the circumstance in the given picture. 
  • Compose a story that is essentially conceivable and attainable 
  • Thoroughly consider the container thought for your story as you should stand apart from the remainder of the applicant in the actual story for you composing. 
  • Relate stories to your own character and remember your diversions and interest for your accounts where it is conceivable. 
  • Put OLQs in your personality by the manner in which you do activities to a circumstance given in the photos 

SSB Psychological Test: Some TAT Pictures                                            

SSB Psychological Test: Some TAT Pictures


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