Fitness Tips for SSB Aspirants: Know Here

Fitness Tips for SSB Aspirants: Know Here


Fitness Tips for SSB Aspirants

Joining the Indian Armed Forces is a dream of many aspirants. Every year lakhs of aspirants apply for the same and they are always keen to know as how can they keep themselves physically as well as mentally fit for the SSB Interview. 

Don’t worry, now you are at the right place, in this article we will share some of the important information with you to keep yourself fit not only for the Physical Fitness SSB interview but also for the written examination. Keeping yourself physically and mentally fit helps in increasing memory and keeps you aware of the surrounding. By reading this full article we assure you, you will definitely change your daily routine for the preparation of the Indian Armed Forces. 

Fitness Tips for SSB Interviews

All that you have to do to keep yourself fit is having a crystal clear thought process. You must decide your goals and write them on a piece of paper, and keep following. You must make a proper time table and should follow it in a systematic manner until you achieve your aim. The most important thing is to prioritize the things and then balancing them in a precise manner. All those candidates who have a passion to join Indian Armed Forces must know the importance of being physically and mentally fit for the forces.

In Army life, every day is full of adventure and risks, this is the sole reason that the recommendation rate of SSB is very low as the Indian Armed Forces follow the strategy of Right Fit Candidate for the organization.

All the candidates must ensure that if they have decided to join the Indian Armed Forces then they have to work hard and put their all energy and focus towards achieving it.

Candidates must start following the military routine so that it becomes easy for them to be fit and later adapt to the lifestyle of the Defence Forces. You should start your day by waking up early in the morning. After that go for jogging, cycling, walking or whatever you prefer to do. Now, that the situation in the country is not good for going out, you should do all the exercises by staying at home only.  Doing this your body will feel refreshed and body parts will function in a healthy manner. It will also keep you positive during these tough times.

Set an aim every day before you start running and achieve it. Motivational music can be very beneficial as listening to music help in releasing the feel-good hormone i.e dopamine which helps in improving the long-term memory. So if you regularly follow this routine then your memory will be boosted every day and it will become easy for you to memorize things.

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Things to do for the SSB Interview

To keep yourself physically fit, all you need to do is go to the gym or make a routine and do exercises regularly at your home. Especially, when the whole world is hit by the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important to keep yourself positive. Now, you should not go out rather do the exercises at home only. Now, you have ample amount of time in your hands, do not waste it, invest your time in yourself. Do exercise daily, meditate and study regularly, update yourself with the news on regular basis.

Here, we will guide you how to keep yourself motivated and achieve the daily targets. You can follow the steps mentioned below.

Start doing exercise at home regularly - You must do the following exercises daily to keep your body energized every day. Do some basic stretching, cardio exercise and some intense workout to keep yourself fit. 

Push-ups - This is the best overall exercise to keep your body fit, you can increase the level by keeping extra weight on yourself and increasing your body strength.

Sit-ups or Squats- This can be done simply by laying on the mat kept on the floor. Sits ups can be of different types, for eg. scissors, reverse crunch, Leg Raise Situps, etc.

Running - This is the best overall exercise to keep your body and mind fit. Run at least 3 km every day and increase your stamina day by day. You can either run in your terrace or you can also do spot jogging. You have to keep in mind that you cannot go out right now.

Yoga - We all know that doing physical exercises keeps us fit from outside but Yoga is for the betterment of our soul. It relaxes our mind and soul. By doing various asanas like sun salutation, kapalbhati, anulom vilom, Shavasana, dhanur asanas, etc, our body’s internal organs perform well, and immunity of the body increases.

These are the exercises by which you can start with. By following the steps mentioned above you will keep your body healthy and alert.

How to stay mentally fit for the SSB Interview

Stamina is one of the Officer-Like Quality which has the trainable factor for the candidates but, some of the qualities which are related to it are courage, mental stamina, determination and self-confidence on which no compromise is done by the SSB assessors.

To keep yourself mentally fit, meditation and doing yoga regularly are the key. Start doing meditation for 5 minutes every day and slowly increase your timing.
Like we mentioned earlier about yoga, start your day with the yoga. Yoga has the power to increase your mental stamina and increase your observation power.
Keep control of your diet and follow it regularly. Eat natural green veggies and homemade food. It will not only make you fir but will also increase the immunity which you need the most right now.  Good eating habits keep our body alert and healthy instead of being lethargic and lazy.

Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. When our brain relaxes it is able to focus and grasp more. Our concentration power increases.
Playing mind games and solving puzzle-like Rubik's cube also increase your brain power and improves concentration power and problem-solving skills.

A quote says “Strength does not come from the physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”. Your willpower and dedication should not suffer, everyday you should motivate yourself to achieve your ultimate goal.

Jai Hind!

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