10 Unexpected Questions asked in SSB Interview

10 Unexpected Questions asked in SSB Interview


10 Unexpected Questions asked in SSB Interview:

INTER-VIEW simply means looking at the inner view of the Candidate's personality. Every Defence Aspirant wants to see themselves as a recommended candidate from SSB. SSB Interview takes place in two Stages i.e Stage-1, screening test, and Stage-2 in which various tests like a psychological test, SSB Interview and Ground Tasks are conducted. SSB Interview is very important and candidates should not take this as a normal interview. Interviewing Officer is trained to assess your personality from the answers you give to the questions asked. In this article, we would be providing you 10 Unexpected questions asked in SSB Interview. You shall be very well aware of yourself, your closed ones, and your surroundings before going to SSB Interview.

  1. What are your alternate career options?
  2. What will you do if you do not make it this time?
  3. Tell me the difference between Guns and Howitzer?
  4. In which area you think you performed better Psych or GTO?
  5. Major news of the past month or two months
  6. Five National and International Current Affairs
  7. Why did you not made a career in your hobby?
  8. What changes you want to see in the SSB procedure?
  9. What motivated you to join Indian Armed Forces?
  10. What is the name of your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, tell 2 positive and negative qualities about him/her?

You should be very honest and practical while answering these questions. Ask yourself these questions and find the best possible honest answer for these questions. Don't try to mislead or bluff the interviewing officer. Your answer should be crisp and clear. Don't be verbose and prove yourself.

All the Best!

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