Do CAPF ACs get Pension : Know Here

Do CAPF ACs get Pension : Know Here

Do CAPF ACs get Pension?

Many students are preparing for CAPF ACs 2021 exam under the COVID-19 breakdown at home. So here we have an important question which is asked by many candidates i.e. Do CAPF ACs get Pension ?? The answer for candidates can come in many ways. To decide on this question, Seventh Pay Commission was set up in 2018 after about nine lakh retired paramilitary personnel had been demanding parity with defence forces on the ground that they were the first line of defence on the country's borders.

Seventh Pay Commission recommendation

The commission recommended a revised pension formulation for civil employees including CAPF personnel as well as for defence personnel, who have retired before January 1, 2016. This formulation will bring about parity between past pensioners and current retirees for the same length of service in the pay scale at the time of retirement.

For CAPF, the Seventh Pay Commission has advocated one-rank one-pension formula. The panel also recommended 'martyr' status for any officers of CAPF who die in the line of duty, on par with the armed forces, and their families will now get ex-gratia of Rs 25-45 lakh. Other than pension, the pay panel also suggested a uniform retirement age for all paramilitary forces personnel at 60 years.

The panel recommended that in case of death in the line of duty, personnel of CAPFs, central police organisations as well as police forces of Union Territories and RPF should be accorded “martyr“ status at par with defence forces personnel.

The paramilitary personnel dying in operations earlier got between Rs 15-18 lakh depending on the force and those dying in rescue and relief operations were not considered “martyrs“ and ex-gratia was often disputed. Now, “martyrs“ families will get 
ex-gratia of Rs 25-45 lakh.

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