Important GK topics for AFCAT 1 2021

Important GK topics for AFCAT 1 2021


The India Air Force is going to conduct the AFCAT 1 2021 examination on 20-22 February 2021. This is the high time when candidates must revise thoroughly whatever they have studied till now. Among all sections, the GK(Science) part is the easiest to revise however the syllabus of GK is wider than that of other sections.

This article will guide the candidates on how to do an efficient revision for the GK (Science) portion. This strategy will definitely ensure a good score in the Science section of AFCAT.

Start with the science portion as science questions are asked in a good amount. Revise previous year's questions and you will come to know about the important topics. Some important topics are Work, Energy and Power, Gravitation, Satellites and their types, g and its variation with height, depth and position, various types of rays and their properties such as X-rays, gamma rays, etc. Conceptual questions on newton’s 3 laws. Centripetal and centrifugal force. Pascal’s law and Hydraulics, properties of light and sound waves, Echo, RADAR and SONAR, Electromagnetic spectrum, Various applications of Convex and Concave mirrors, Phenomena related to total internal reflection, properties of image formed by plain mirror, etc.

In the chemistry portion, some important topics are, 5 states of matter, the relation of boiling point and melting points with pressure, Difference between Isotopes and Isobars, Primary and Secondary cells, Composition of Coal gas, Water gas, LPG, CNG, etc. Conceptual questions on physical and chemical change, Varieties of coal and their efficiency, Flame parts, Various metals and their ores, Hard water, heavy water, Clark’s process, the chemical composition of gypsum, POP, Cement, etc. Different alloys and their parent metals, important persons in chemistry such as Lavoiser, Inert gases applications, Artificial rain acetones and uses, Element vs compounds, types of mixtures, colloidal solutions and related phenomena, Blue and Red Litmus paper properties, etc.

In the biology portion, the important topics are, Various diseases and their causes, tests related to diseases, important bones in the human body, largest shortest, etc. Important cells in the human body, Various enzymes in the human body, glands, and their secretions, blood groups, important hormones of the human body, plant hormones, Vitamins, and related diseases, vitamin sources, scientific names of vitamins, important branches of biology, Scientific names, Cell theory, Mutation Theory, Blood components, DOTS treatment, Photosynthesis, Diseases related to various elements, Vectors of various diseases, Plant hormones, Xylem and Phloem, Nerve cells, Brain parts and related functions, Green House Effect, Ozone layer depletion, Various Plant Kingdoms,  etc.


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