COVID 19 guidelines for AFCAT 1 2021

COVID 19 guidelines for AFCAT 1 2021

In the upcoming AFCAT examination, Social Distancing measures will be implemented as per Government of India guidelines in the current scenario of COVID-19 to ensure the health & safety of the candidates. Adequate measures are implemented for the safety of all without compromising the high standards, sanctity, and fairness in the conduct of the examination. Candidates are also required to adhere to guidelines and for Social Distancing and hygiene to ensure the safety & health of their own and fellow candidates.

Candidates must keep in mind the below instructions before and during the examination.

1. All candidates must fill the self-declaration form before proceeding to the exam center.

2. Candidates need to report to their exam centre as per the reporting time mentioned on their admit card only.

3. Candidates must put on face mask throughout the exam process, starting from the verification process till end of Exam.

4. Candidates are to avoid all non-essential movement outside and inside the exam centre premises and no gatherings is permitted. 

5. No eatables are permitted inside the Exam Centre premises. 

6. Candidates need to maintain a space of at least 6 feet from each other at all the time. Queue manager/ropes and Floor Marks will be arranged outside the centre. Follow the instructions provided by centre staff. 

7. The staff will check the body temperature of the candidates using a Thermo-Gun. 

8. There will be no physical frisking at the exam centres. 

9. Candidates will have to sanitise/wash their hands before entering the examination hall.  

10. Candidates are to abide by all DO'S and DONT'S of COVID-19 advisories issued by Govt of India and adhere to all the social distancing norms while giving exam.

11.  Candidates are to put on face mask during the course of exam.

12.  Candidates are to sanitize their hand before and after the use of PC

13.  On completion of a shift, the candidates will be permitted to move out in an orderly manner one candidate at a time.

14. Candidates are to wait for instructions from invigilator and to not get up from seat until advised.

15. Candidate must drop the Rough Sheets in the drop boxes after displaying to the staff available next to drop box. If any candidate misses to drop Rough Sheets in boxes, action (which also includes disqualification from the exam) can be taken against him.

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