AFCAT 1 2021 : last minute Geography revision

AFCAT 1 2021 : last minute Geography revision


In the AFCAT exam, Geography has a significant weightage of questions. Here the main issue faced by the candidates is the vast syllabus of Geography. This article highlights the major topics of Geography from which questions have been asked in the Past. The following mentioned topics are enlisted after analyzing the previous years' papers’ pattern. At the last moment, one should thoroughly revise these sections as there are high chances that questions can be asked from these topics.


["AFCAT 1 2021 exam analysis"]

["AFCAT 1 2021 exam analysis"]

  • ·       Layers of Atmosphere, their sequence, various phenomena occurring in the respective layers, etc.
  • ·       Solar system, the sequence of planets according to their size, mass, etc, the Nearest star, galaxy, black hole from our solar system.
  • ·       Types of Volcanoes, location of some famous volcanoes, the ring of fire
  • ·       Famous Geographic thinkers in the past e.g. Copernicus, Aristotle and their discoveries, etc.
  • ·       Earth’s rotation direction and other planets’ rotation direction. Phenomena due to Earth’s rotation and revolution such as Coriolis force.
  • ·       Lagoon lakes in Asia and India
  • ·       Earth’s hottest, coldest, driest places etc.
  • ·       Famous mountains and their locations
  • ·       Various ports of India that were in news in the past 1 year
  • ·       Climate types and their main regions in the world.
  • ·       The sequential order of countries in equator, Capricorn line, etc.
  • ·       10 degree and other channels.
  • ·       Lines between India and neighboring countries.
  • ·       Indian states touching the international borders
  • ·       Waterfalls and their rivers.
  • ·       The direction of rivers in the southern region of India.
  • ·       Name of grasslands in different regions of the world such as Pampas.
  • ·       Special names given to the local winds such as "roaring forties"
  • ·       Farrel’s Law
  • ·       Special days on earth such as the shortest day, the longest day, equinoxes, etc.
  • ·        Moon’s rotation around the Earth and related phenomena
  • ·       Elements’ composition of the various layers of the Earth
  • ·       Elements’ composition of the atmosphere, the correct order of percentage of other gases.
  • ·       Various instruments related to environmental phenomena such as Hygrometer and its uses
  • ·       Various physical processes such as condensation, evaporation, etc.
  • ·       Plant diseases and their remedies.
  • ·       Sequential order and location of various peaks of the Himalaya range.
  • ·       Top production of various metals such as Iron, Copper, etc., and their states.
  • ·       Famous Mines of India and their location, type of metal.
  • ·       International date line facts.
  • ·       Regions where cold ocean currents meet warm ocean currents.
  • ·       Fathers of different branches of Geography
  • ·       Examples of Volcanic mountains, Block mountains, fold mountains, etc.
  • ·       Famous cities and their names such as ‘pink city’, ‘wheat basket’, ‘Manchester of India’, etc.
  • ·       States of India population-wise, area wise etc.
  • ·       National parks and locations
  • ·       Top states of India in Literacy.
  • ·       Top crops in India
  • ·       Crop seasons and various crops in India
  • ·       Various types of revolutions such as the green revolution, yellow revolution, and their fathers, related crops, etc.
  • ·       Arrangement cities of India direction wise, north to south, east to west, etc.
  • ·       Indian states on tropic of cancer, sequential order.
  • ·       Indian states on the coastline
  • ·       Indian states with major ports etc.


Revise these topics well, before appearing for the exam.


Good luck with the AFCAT 1 2021 exam….!

["AFCAT 1 2021 exam analysis"]

["AFCAT 1 2021 exam analysis"]

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