Medical Examination Procedure of the Recommended Candidates at SSB: Know Here

Medical Examination Procedure of the Recommended Candidates at SSB: Know Here

Medical Examination Procedure of the Recommended Candidates at SSB:
Recommended Candidates show up before the medical board for completing their medical tests after the SSB results. SSb Medicals takes upto 4-5 days for the concerned Military Hospital to finish the clinical board and after that the up-and-comers are allowed to go. NDA candidates are checked both for Indian Army and Navy except if in any case instructed and endorsement of fitness status will be made appropriately. Medical Board President will control the possibility for Appeal/Review Medical Board strategies.Candidates may look for the guidance of President Special Medical Board for review/appeal in case they have been declared unfit.

How to Appeal Medical Board 

The Appeal Medical Board will be held at one of the accompanying Hospitals :- 

  • Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt. 
  • Order Hospital, Southern Command, Pune. 
  • Order Hospital, Eastern Command, Kolkata. 
  • Order Hospital, Central Command, Lucknow. 
  • Order Hospital, Western Command, Chandimandir. 
  • Order Hospital, Air Force, Bangalore. 
  • Order Hospital, Northern Command, C/o 56 APO. 
  • INHS, Ashvini, Mumbai. 

The unfit candidates will report for medical assessment inside the specified period i.e., 42 days from the date last analyzed by the Special Medical Board for reevaluation alongside the receipted duplicate of the MRO/TR as coordinated by the President Medical Board. The undertaking will be to finished the Medical Board in one day. 

Review Medical Board 

In the event of an applicant being proclaimed unfit by the Appeal Medical Board, he/she may challenge the procedures and might be conceded audit of medical procedures dependent on the value of the case. Any applicant craving for an audit should deliver the solicitation to Recruiting Directorate (Personnel and Coord), Army Headquarters, West Block III, RK Puram, New Delhi with a duplicate to the President of Appeal Medical Board inside one day of the holding of Appeal Medical Board. The application for RMB are steered through DG AFMS. The choice for award of RMB is with DG AFMS, and doesn't involve right. RMBs are directed at R&R Hospital Delhi Cantt and AFMC, Pune. 

Stay of candidates During the Medical Examination 

The recommended candidates after the declaration of SSB results will remain in the Selection Centers in the lines reserved for the suggested contender for their clinical assessment by the Military Hospital. The up-and-comers will be designated new clinical chest numbers for the reason. 

Up-and-comers who go for Appeal Medical Board or need to complete their clinical assessment sometime in the future because of some unavoidable reasons will do as such under their own plans. 

Discipline to be followed during Medical Examination 

It is most important that recommended candidates keep up legitimate discipline during their stay in Selection Centers during their lead of clinical assessment. The competitors are needed to put on their clinical Chest Number (with Red Cross) at whatever point they are available in the grounds of Selection Centers.

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