Key points to keep in mind during Command Tasks: Check Here

Key points to keep in mind during Command Tasks: Check Here

Key points to keep in mind during Command Tasks:
This system is an individual task. Here, each candidate is given an assignment – a task he is responsible for planning, execution and completion of the task in the given time of 15 minutes. He can take 2-3 colleagues as his subordinates from the group to do the task. The rule governing the task is the same as in other outdoor tasks, less the group rules, since there is only one obstacle and since it is an individual task.

What is being assessed in this task?

  • An individual capability in planning, organization and completion of a task assigned to him.
  • His work sense & practical imagination.
  • His use of resource including imagination.
  • His ability to command his subordinate.
  • His ability to work in a close manner, under go stress of time, alone.
  • Has he been able to learn from the previous task? Has the previous day experience in the outdoor and with the group enabled him to retain ideas?
  • What is his attitude to subordinates?
  • Is he rule conscious?

The main thing to understand in this task, that it is an individual task and the subordinates are provided to assist you. It is your responsibility to plan to execute and complete your task. You are the one to give ideas; you have to implement them, you have to direct your subordinates. Finally, it is you, who is being assessed though the conduct of the subordinate is also under scrutiny.

Key points to keep in mind during Command Tasks

  • Understand the task thoroughly, when the GTO explains it. Clarify, if some feature are not clear, but do not ask double regarding the rule to him, which he would have explained earlier. This will only reveal the fact that you are incapable of remembering simple instructions.
  • The helping material and relate them to the structures and imagine the utilities of the same.
  • Choose your subordinate not because you travelled together or he is your country cousin but be discriminate him further, you may like to have a suitably held working fellow. But avoid the rigid die-hard persons, who may question you.
  • Try and retain ideas from the previous task and if they are handy as them. But do not use them blindly or in an unimaginative manner.
  • Do conscious of the rules. Do not break them. In case of your subordinates breaks rules, check them, do not punish or abuse them.
  • Work along with the subordinates. A good commander is one, who will work along with work with his subordinates. In any case, it is your task and unless you get physically involved, the subordinates will not get motivated. 
  • Treat your subordinates with politeness in a business-like fashion. If somebody has done a good job encouraging him. 
  • If you get stuck due to some reason, or because GTO has denied out some resources, do not ask suggestions from your subordinates. Outwork solutions yourself. Remember all the outdoor task have a maximum of 3 independent workable solutions. 
  • Some times, the GTO may be done some resources helping material or certain structures. This is only to pressurize you. So do not get nervous or come under stress. Be cool, think and find a workout.
  • Endeavour, should do to complete the task. But do not worry, if you could not complete the task because it may also be due to the fact that the GTO has put impediments in your way. So, when he asks later, explain clearly, as to what you have planned to do. Never blame your subordinates for your inability to complete the task
  • Before you begin the task, explain the task and rule to your subordinates briefly. After the task, when they are to go, thank them.

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