President Ram Nath Kovind boards Air India One-B777 aircraft: All you need to know

President Ram Nath Kovind boards Air India One-B777 aircraft: All you need to know

President  Ram Nath Kovind boards Air India One-B777 aircraft: President Ram Nath Kovind boarded the Air India one-B777 airplane on its inaugural flight. The president boarded the airplane to visit Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh and offer prayers at the Venkateshwara Swamy sanctuary. The airplane is conveying its first VVIP official. 

The Air India one will be a call sign for the VVIP. The airplane is to be utilized by the President, Vice President and Prime Minister of India. The Air Plane One B777 is fuel efficient plane. This has a more range than that of the B747-400 airplane conveyed for comparative VVIP tasks. 

The Air India one is to be worked by the Indian Air Force air central command correspondence Squadron that is based at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. 

Key Features of Air India One-B777

It is outfitted with rocket guard frameworks Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) self-assurance suites. LAIRCM comprises of rocket notice sensors, control interface unit, lesser transmitter gathering and processors to follow, recognize, jam and counter approaching infrared rockets. This guard framework introduced welcomes Air India One comparable to Air Force One. 

Likewise, the airplane is furnished with correspondence frameworks. These frameworks permit video and mid-air sound associate with top-level security. It additionally has a clinical room, a press preparation room, two meeting rooms a safe correspondence stay with network jammers. 

Other Key Security Features 

  • The airplane comprises of radar notice recipients, flares and waste, gatecrasher location framework, programmed outer defirillator. 
  • The Intruder Detection System distinguishes dubious examples from somebody attempting to break into the security arrangement of the airplane. 
  • The Automatic External Defibrillator gadget consequently analyze hazardous heart arthymias. 
  • The Flares are high-temperature heat sources that delude heat chasing or heat delicate rockets. 

Names of the Aircraft 

The three airplanes to convey the best three authorities of India have been named as Rajdoot, Rajhans and Rajkamal.

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