Most Frequently asked SRT in SSB Interview with Answer: Click Here

Most Frequently asked SRT in SSB Interview with Answer: Click Here

SRT, as used in Service Selection Board, is an extension of Rotter's 
Incomplete Sentence Blank. It forms an important part of the projective test battery, being used for assessing the leadership qualities in candidates. The SRT consists of day to day life situations making the individual perceive, interpret & respond to the situations in their unique ways. The situation comprising the test provides broader directionality with specific relevance to OLQ, factors namely Planning & Organizing, Social adjustments, Social Effectiveness & Dynamic.

1. While going to his village on a bicycle, he met with a serious accident

resulting in serious injury to the pillion rider and damage to his

vehicle. He....

Ans. He gave first aid to the injured, took him to the nearest hospital

leaving his vehicle locked behind.

2. While going to his college on a bicycle, he was hit by a car. He......

Ans. He balanced his movements, noted down the car number,

reported traffic police, and continued his journey.

3. Moving on a bicycle with his brother, towards his village, he suddenly

found that the vehicle got punctured and his brother was running a

high fever, no public transport was available there. He......

Ans. He took a lift from a passer-by vehicle (bullock cart/tractor),

took his brother to the nearest doctor on the way, got bicycle

repaired, went home.

4. Returning from a picnic, he had to cross the river with his friends,

and he found that the temporary bridge had collapsed. He..........

Ans. He motivated his friends, swam across the river, reached the


5. Going over the bridge of a river along with his friends, he found some

of them had already crossed the bridge when suddenly the bridge

collapsed. He...............

Ans. He arranged a boat for the remaining, crossed the river, reached

the destination.

6. While crossing the river he found his boat overturning in the mid of

the river. He..........

Ans. He jumped out, swam across the river.

7. While crossing the river in a boat, he found the boar has developed a

leak/hole, and water started coming in. He................

Ans. He plugged the leak with cloth, threw water with a bucket,

continued boating crossed the river.

8. Due to heavy rain, the river was rising, and he had to cross the river

to reach his village. He.......

Ans. He waited till rain stopped, then crossed the river by boat.

9. While going college, he saw the fire in a building, people were

panicking. He..........

Ans. He pacified the people, switched off the mains, used fire

extinguishers, called up fire brigade, rescued people from fire,

admitted them to the nearest hospital.

10. He is urgently needed for money. He..........

Ans. He borrowed money from a friend, did the work, returned money

on time.

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