Malabar Exercise to be held in Bay of Bengal: All you need to know

Malabar Exercise to be held in Bay of Bengal: All you need to know

The Malabar Exercise is to be held in Bay of Bengal between November 3, 2020 and November 6, 2020. The naval forces of India, Japan, US and Australia are to partake in the activity. The second period of the activity is to be held between November 17, 2020 and November 20, 2020. 

The principal period of the activity will incorporate intricate and progressed maritime activities. During the activity, the nations will direct enemy of fighting and hostile to submarine tasks, seamanship development, cross-deck flying and weapon shooting exercise. 

During the activity, the Indian Navy is to convey various key stages. This incorporates seaward watch vessel Sukanya, frigate Shivalik, armada uphold transport Shakti and submarine Sindhuraj. Additionally, the Dornier oceanic watch airplane, long reach sea watch airplane P-81 and the development fly mentor Hawk are to be conveyed. 

About the Exercise 

The activity started in 1992 among India and US in the Indian Ocean. Later in 2015, Japan turned into the lasting individual from the activity. In 2019, the activity was held in Japan and in Philippine ocean in 2018. 

Ongoing Developments 

After the Ladakh remain off with China, India has been fortifying its safeguard powers, attaching its fringe foundation improvements. Likewise, India has been effectively haggling with International forces to guarantee free open Indo-Pacific. India has additionally been leading regular rocket tests and holding a few military activities. These are to impart solid signs to the Chinese and to keep the safeguard frameworks arranged to counter Chinese impact in the Indian Ocean. 

The ongoing military activities and counter proportions of India to Chinese activities in the Indian Ocean Region are as per the following 

  • QUAD Foreign clergymen meet was held in Tokyo toward the beginning of October 2020. 
  • India-US held PASEX in July 2020 
  • India-Australia held PASEX in September 2020. 
  • India-Japan held JIMEX, 2020 
  • INDRA Naval Drills 
  • India and Bangladesh held BONGOSAGAR and CORPAT in October 2020 
  • SAGAR KAVACH and Matla Abhiyan held 
  • India and Sri Lanka held SLINEX, 2020
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