India to acquire Sprut Light Tanks from Russia: All you need to Know

India to acquire Sprut Light Tanks from Russia: All you need to Know

India to acquire Sprut Light Tanks from Russia:
India is currently in advanced talks with Russia to acquire light weight tanks. These are recently evolved tanks in Russia. They are being procured to be utilized in high elevation regions of Line of Actual Control. 

The need to purchase Sprut Light Tanks has come after fringe threats with China expanded in the Line of Actual Control. The new tank is under preliminary in Russia. 

India is to secure two dozen Sprut light weight tanks in the principal tranche. The expense of one tank is less Rs 500 crores. This falls inside the crisis budgetary forces gave to the bosses after Galwan conflict. 

About Sprut Light Tank: Key Points 

It is a self-pushed tank destroyer and a light tank. These tanks will be air dropped from an airplane with three working men sitting inside. It gauges 18 tons and can arrive at a speed of 71 kilometers for every hour. 

Recent Procurements: The ongoing Indian Procurements of India from Russia are as per the following 

  • In January 2020, India and Russia marked 14 Memorandum of Understandings during Defexpo, 2020 in Lucknow. 

  • In July 2020, The Defense Acquisition Council endorsed the proposition of arrangements worth Rs 38,900. Under this, around 21 MiG-29 warrior planes were to be acquired from Russia at Rs 7,418 crores. The rest, for example, Su-30 MKI was to be acquired from HAL at Rs 10,730 crores. 

  • The Brahmos missile was created under a joint endeavour among India and Russia 

  • The T-90 tanks that are as of now conveyed in Indian Army were purchased from Russia in 2001. At present India is building up its own tank "Arjun"
  • A 5.43 billion USD bargain was marked among India and Russia to obtain S-400 rockets in October 2018. The rockets are to arrive at India in 2021. 

  • In 2019, Russia offered three renovated Kilo Class submarines to India. India purchased the submarine for 1.82 billion USD. 

  • During Defexpo 2020, India and Russia marked arrangements to secure R-27 aerial rockets.
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