Defence Acquisition Council approves Rs 2,900 crores: All you Need to Know

Defence Acquisition Council approves Rs 2,900 crores: All you Need to Know

The Defense Acquisition Council affirmed Rs 2,900 crores for the procurement of Indian Defense Equipment. The obtainment incorporates 72,000 attack rifles from the United States. It additionally incorporates acquirement of homegrown and unfamiliar merchants. The other acquisition under the endorsement incorporates 

  • Brilliant Anti Airfield Weapon and Static High Frequency Trans-recipient sets. This is to be purchased under Buy Indian class. 
  • High Frequency Radio Sets. These sets will empower consistent correspondence for the Indian Army and Air Force Field Unites. They are to be obtained at an expense of Rs 540 crores. 
  • Shrewd Anti Field weapon that will be obtained at Rs 970 crores. This will include capability of Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.
  • DAC has endorsed the acquirement of SIG SAUER Assault Rifles costing around Rs 780 crores. 

Defence Acquisition Procedure 

The Defense Acquisition Procedure was uncovered as of late by the Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. It was first presented in 2002. The new strategy incorporates arrangements to support Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to set up assembling centres for both import and fare. This is to be finished offering insurance to the interests of homegrown enterprises of India. 

The Defense Procurement Procedure contains measures that must be trailed by the Indian Armed Forces in creating or acquiring safeguard weapon frameworks. The fundamental point is to accomplish confidence by advancing indigenous plan and get the weapons in a period bound way without delays. 

Defence Acquisition Council 

It is the most elevated dynamic body in safeguard service. It was framed after the Group of Ministers suggested Reforming the National Security System in 2001 in post-Kargil War. Coming up next are the primary elements of DAC 

  • The DAC supports 15-year long haul incorporated viewpoint plan for protection powers 
  • It classifies procurement proposition identified with Buy, Make and Buy and Make. 
  • It settles on choices on "Move of Technology".
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