Indian Armed Forces to revive “Project Cheetah”: All you need to know about the project

Indian Armed Forces to revive “Project Cheetah”: All you need to know about the project

Indian Armed Forces revive “Project Cheetah”: The Indian Armed Forces have decided to resuscitate "Project Cheetah" in the midst of pressures with China. The venture was pending for quite a while and the tri-administrations have now chosen to restore the undertaking under Rs 3,500 crores. 

Ajay Kumar Committee 

The proposition of restoring "Project Cheetah" has been sent to newly formed high-level defence ministry committee under Ajay Kumar. under Ajay Kumar. Ajay Kumar is the Defence secretary. He is in charge of all capital procurements of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. 

About the Project: Project  Cheetah 

Under the undertaking, around 90 Heron drones of the administrations are to be overhauled with laser-guided bombs, air propelled hostile to tank guided rockets and air to ground against tank guided rockets. The venture was pending over an extensive stretch of time. 

The Indian fleet of drones mainly includes Israeli equipment including Herons. They were conveyed in both Indian Air Force and Army. They are at present sent in Ladakh and China outskirts. The venture is being propelled to update the automatons that are doing hostile tasks against the adversaries particularly in the outskirts. They will likewise be utilized to counter fear mongering later on. 

Presently, drones are utilized to confirm separation by Chinese just as to find out about their troop develop. 

Advantages of the Project

The redesign will enable the Armed powers to ground stations to work the automatons from far separations and furthermore control them through satellite correspondence framework. Additionally, the overhaul will assist with sticking point insight about safehouses where men were included before. 

The task will primarily incorporate a few Indian created arrangements consequently assisting with causing India to become independent. 

Heron UAVs : Things you should Know

The Heron Unmanned Aerial Vehicle was made in Israel. It is a medium-height UAV. It is equipped for coming back to base independently if there should arise an occurrence of lost correspondence. It conveys up to 250 kg of weight including thermographic camera, airborne ground reconnaissance noticeable light, radar frameworks, and so on.

Modernization/ up-gradation of facilities and new infrastructure creation of Defence PSUs and OFB: Things you need to know

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