Key Points to crack SSB Group Discussion: Know Here

Key Points to crack SSB Group Discussion: Know Here

Key Points for SSB Group Discussion: This is an indoor task. The candidates are tested in two phases. In the first phase, the GTO gives two subjects to the group and the group is asked to discuss one subject is given and there is no choice. This subject is also discussed for about 15-20 minutes. In a group discussion, it must be understood that it is just an informal exchange of views amongst friends on any topical subject and you do not have to come to any conclusion

The GTO tries to find out:

(a) The candidate's power of expression ( Not necessarily English)
(b) His manner of speech
(c) His awareness of the topic
(d) His ability to cogently put across reasons in support of his views.
(e) His ability in grasping details, facts and figures
(f) Is he receptive to other views on regard to his views?
(g) He gives up succumb under opposition to others/when he knows he is right
(h) He encourages others especially weaker candidate to speak
(i) Is he alternative or casual
(j) Is he the person who cannot sat involved in the mainstream, and is involved inside a discussion with the neighbours.

From the above, it is seen that the candidate should show in depth of the topic with details. He should be able to put across to others clearly, confidentially with appropriate bearings even against opposition,. He should also be flexible to accept other intelligent views. Also, he should encourage and give a change to others, especially weal candidates and be attentive.

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