Envisioning Locust assault, Ministry of Agriculture marked an agreement with M/s Micron, UK to adjust two Mi-17 Helicopters for showering atomized pesticide to capture Locust reproducing in May 2020. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the UK based firm would have the option to make and gracefully the adjustment pack to IAF just from Sep 2020 forward for framework coordination and testing. In the meantime, a phenomenal Locust assault began showing from a week ago of May and was quick-spreading for all intents and purposes across numerous States. 

Taking into account visualized deferral in provisioning of alteration units by M/s Micron, the Indian Air Force entrusted No. 3 Base Repair Depot situated at Chandigarh to attempt the difficult assignment of indigenously planning and building up an Airborne Locust Control System (ALCS) for Mi-17 helicopters. Utilizing every single indigenous segment, the atomized airborne splashing of pesticide has been effectively accomplished in air through an arrangement of spouts mounted the two sides on outer brackets of a Mi-17 helicopter. 

The spouts utilized for the intention are a blend of financially accessible spouts just as the spouts created by CSIO, Chandigarh. The pesticide Malathion in suitable focus would be filled in the interior Auxiliary tank of 800 litres limit fitted inside the helicopter and siphoned into the spouts by utilizing an electrical siphon just as compacted air, accomplishing about 40 minutes of fixing length in the tainted zone covering a zone of around 750 hectares in every strategic. 

A group of Test Pilots and Test Engineers of Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment, Bangalore have effectively completed ground and airborne preliminaries of ALCS on an altered Mi-17 helicopter. The framework is being offered for use with Malathion for work in the grasshopper control activity. 

Being an indigenously evolved framework, the ALCS would offer innate favorable circumstances of in-house upkeep, future upgradeability, sparing of outside trade and help in making the nation Self Reliant in flight related innovation.

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