Gallantry Award: Know about Kirti Chakra

Gallantry Award: Know about Kirti Chakra

Gallantry Award, Know about Kirti Chakra: Gallantry Awards have been set up by the Government of India to respect the showings of power and amends of the specialists/staff of the Armed Forces, other truly included Forces and standard individuals. These bravery grants are declared twice in a year - first on the event of the Republic Day and a brief timeframe later on the event of the Independence Day. Following are the Gallantry Awards, The Param Vir Chakra, The Mahavir Chakra, The Ashoka Chakra, The Kirti Chakra, The Vir Chakra and The Shaurya Chakra. In this article, we will know about Kirti Chakra.

Gallantry Award: Know about Kirti Chakra


The Kirti Chakra award for gallantry was first instituted on 04 Jan1952 as Ashoka Chakra class -II.  It was redesingated as Kirti Chakra on 27 Jan 1967.

Medal: Circular in shape and is made of standard silver, one and three eight inches in diameter.  On the obverse of the medal shall be embossed a replica of Ashoka Chakra in the centre, surrounded by a lotus wreath. On its reverse shall be embossed the words KIRTI CHAKRA both in Hindi and in English the versions being separated by two lotus flowers.

Ribbon: Green colour ribbon divided into three equal parts by two orange vertical lines.

Bar: If a recipient of the Chakra again performs such an act of gallantry as would have made him or her eligible to receive the Chakra, such further act of bravery shall be recognised by a Bar to be attached to the riband by which the Chakra is suspended. For every Bar awarded, a replica of the Chakra in miniature shall be added to the riband when worn alone

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