Crack CDS 2020: Click here to get the Best CDS 2020 Time-Table

Crack CDS 2020: Click here to get the Best CDS 2020 Time-Table

CDS 2020 Study Plan: Crack CDS Exam

Combined Defense Services Examination(CDSe) is led by the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) two times per year (around Feb and Nov) for the acceptance of the candidates into the Indian Armed Forces i.e Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy. Consistently lakhs of defece competitors wish to serve the country by joining the barrier powers. Numerous competitors need clearing the test in view of legitimate direction and methodology. Try not to stress, by visiting us you have hit the bulls eye. To clear CDS Exam 2020 you simply need fire in your midsection to see yourself in uniform than just you will have the option to give your 100% for the planning. In this article we will give you each data and best point by point study intend to get ready and break the CDS Exam 2020 in your first endeavor. 

CDS 2020 Study Plan 

Each young blood wants to serve the country by joining the Indian Armed Forces, however to accomplish your fantasy you need to clear the CDS Exam 2020 directed by the UPSC. Competitors need to comprehend that clearing the CDS assessment needs center and commitment. We will discuss it in detail underneath. In the table we have given you the Subjects that are a piece of CDS Examination.

English2 Hours100
General Knowledge2 Hours100
Elementary Mathematics2 Hours100

Note: For Admissions in Officers Training Academy Elementary
Mathematics is eliminated and candidates have to appear in two exams only

You must prepare a blueprint of your preparation strategy and paste it in front of your Study table. In this article we will also provide you the time table that will help you to crack your CDS exam in the first attempt. Lets analyse the previous year cutoffs of the CDS exam and see what should our aim to crack the exam. We went through the data available on the official website of the UPSC and calculated the average of last five year cutoff. Here is the Average cutoff.
Written Exam
Final Exam

Minimum Marks of the Written Qualified Candidate (Subject to 20 marks in each Subject)
Total Minimum Marks of last recommended candidate

● Now, candidates we have to play very safe and prepare those
subjects thoroughly which have more importance and will help us to score good marks so that we would be able to clear the cutoff and shall have SSB interview lined up.
● Paper 1 i.e English has very important role to play in clearing the written exam as the level of the paper is easy to moderate and you can easily attempt all question and score good marks.
● After that comes the most significant Paper II i.e General knowledge, this paper decides whether you will clear the written part or not. In this paper majority of candidates sit idle and try to guess the answer because the level of difficulty is pretty high. You have to just cross over 20 marks out of 100, provided you have done good in your English and Mathematics paper. It covers all general knowledge under the roof. We have mentioned the syllabus earlier in this article.
● Last exam is the Paper III Mathematics Exam and all those who are good and find it easy to clear the minimum cutoff i.e scoring at least 20 marks out 100 have upper hand. Some Candidate who are good in Mathematics even score good marks in this but simultaneously you have to score good marks in the earlier subjects as well so that you have your overall score more than the expected cutoff. Level of Maths is moderate to difficult and questions till 10th standard are asked but they have a bit high level standard. So those candidates who find it difficult to crack the exam should make their strategy very carefully so that they score at least 20 marks and cover up the overall cutoff by scoring good marks in General knowledge and English exam. Below we will talk about how to prepare for these sections.

CDS 2020 Study Plan: Crack CDS Exam

S NoMathematicsGeneral KnowledgeEnglish
1number system, simplificationInterior of the Earth, Earthquakes, VolcanoesSentence Rearrangement
2hcf and lcmPre historic period and Harappan civilizationSynonyms
3polynomialSocio Religious Movement in IndiaSpotting Errors 
4percentage The UnionAntonyms
5ratio, proportion and partnershipRank and IndicesFill in the blanks
6profit &lossEmergency ProvisionsSynonyms
7interestIndian JudiciaryReading Comprehension
8speed,time and distanceNewtons Law and Circular MotionOne Word Substitution
9time and workAcid Bases and SaltsEnglish Miscellaneous
10trigonometryCells and its structureSentence Improvement
11line and angles,triangleCharacterstics of Indian EconomyAntonyms
12circleIndian National MovementsFill in the blanks
1313quadrilateral and polygonArts and Culture of IndiaSentence Rearrangement
14surface area and volumeEnvironment and EcologySynonyms
15statisticsBooks and AuthorsSpotting Errors 
16data interpretationConstitutional and Non Constitutional BodiesAntonyms
17algebraWork Energy and PowerFill in the blanks
18height and distanceHistory of Southern India and KingdomsSynonyms
19ageHuman PhysiologyReading Comprehension
20number system,simplificationAdvent of EuropeansOne Word Substitution
21hcf and lcmPhysical Features of IndiaSentence Improvement
22polynomialState Executive English Miscellaneous
23percentageMiscellaneous Word Arrangement

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