Sample Group Planning Exercise for SSB Interview

Sample Group Planning Exercise for SSB Interview

Exercise- Hathiyar 

You are a group of students (as many as you are in the group) from the SAHU
Govt College who had planned a day to hunting in the BANANA Reserve Forest. You arranged for a jeep from the college which is required to return by 10 AM. You came to the forest Rest House and arranged for the two horses and guns provided by the forest department. As you were preparing to proceed you saw a small aircraft diving to your WEST.

You also saw three parachutes coming down in the same direction. You also heard a faint blast presumably of the air crash quite a distance away. One of the parachutes landed close to you and you heard loud cries of help. As you rushed to the spot you saw a man badly injured trying to come out of the parachute. Upon enquiring he told you, “I am the pilot of the aircraft which has crashed a while ago due to mechanical failure. I was being forced by a gang of terrorists to drop arms and ammunition North of Kajri so that they could use it for creating terror in city Akash being the Distt HQ. 

The arms etc were to be collected from the parachutes and sent to Kajri from where a truck would leave at 7.30 AM for Akash. They also plan to blow up the Banana Head works on the Mahadev Canal at 7.45 AM so that the village Banana is washed away”. Saying this he fell unconscious. As you were planning to do something a shepherd came running shouting for help. He said that something fell from the sky on his herd of sheep and they all ran away. He also said that his master will beat him up and not pay him unless he can get his sheep back to Sherpur city.

The time now is 6.30 AM. As bold young men, what would you do?

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