What is Y2K Bug: Know Here

What is Y2K Bug: Know Here


Y2K BUG: Generally,as per the human,the bug word is utilized for microscopic organisms. Discussing the PC world, the bug is a blunder in the COAS General Bipin Rawat Appointed as India's first Chief of Defense Staffsoftware program. 


Y2K is an abbreviation for the Year 2000. This term is utilized for the product blunder of 2000. At the beginning of the year 2000, the PC engineers were in a condition of shock. Reason being that during the 1960s the expense of PC recollections was high. This made they diminished the length of composing year in dates. 

For instance, 1998 was composed as 98 just to stop the memory client space that prompted lessening the expense of memory. 

An article distributed and expressed this bug as 2000 DOOMSDAY. The architects around the globe were stressed that all the information in the banks, the airplane and all the organizations will be lost. At that point by the common co-activity of the considerable number of specialists around the globe unraveled this issue and they spared the information and the work proceeded in the 21st century further. 


India assumed a significant job in this. This made the IT SECTORS of India blossomed. The urban communities like Banglore became world-acclaimed for the IT segment. The BPO enterprises sprouted. That is the explanation that the IT segment have 6.7% commitment in GDP. That was just 1.6 in 1998. 

As India rose under this sort of danger, that is the reason fair PM Narendra Modi contrasted the danger of Covid-19 and this.

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