Rules of Progressive Group Task: Know Here

Rules of Progressive Group Task: Know Here

Rules of Progressive Group Task: This is the first outdoor group task. This is a set of four obstacles fixed in a serial manner on the ground, which the candidates have to cross in a matter of 45 minutes utilising the inbound structures on the ground and with the helping material such is planks poles, ropes etc. You (the group) may also have in carry load at times.

(a) Group Rule. Firstly your function as a group. Secondly, the group(including) the load and helping material) can go from one obstacle to the other only if all members have crossed the previous

(b) Colour rule Red colour is out of bound. structures that are painted whits can be used by individuals as well as helping materials. There may be a central colour also apart from Red and White. Structures painted with the central colour can be utilized only by the candidates and not to be utilized to keep load or helping material.

(c) Rigid material rule. This rule pertains to the rigid helping materials like planks, poles or stumps. Firstly, you are not supposed to there it at such other. Secondly, do two rigid materials can be tied together and used. For example, if you have a plan and a plank you are not supposed to tia them together to increase the length. However, you can know one on top of the other and use it.

(d) Distance rule. In the obstacles, it will be seen, that you are not allowed to touch the ground. So also no helping material should also touch the ground. You have to utilise the permanent structures on the ground and the helping materials to group the obstacle. The distance between the structures, not
withstandntg, you are not allowed to take a from jump if the distance is more than 4 feet. You have to cross distance and to across reducing the distance utilising the planks, poles or the ropes.

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