How to prepare for NDA in 30 Days: Crack NDA 2020

How to prepare for NDA in 30 Days: Crack NDA 2020

How to prepare for NDA in 30 Days: Crack NDA 2020: Union Public Service Commission has released the notice to postpone the upcoming NDA 1 2020 Exam till further notice. NDA 1 2020 Exam was Scheduled on 19 April 2020. This exam is also postponed due to the Coronavirus Outbreak. Now, aspirants you have more time to prepare for the NDA 1 2020 exam, and you must use the lockdown time to prepare for the Exam. UPSC conducts this exam twice every year to select desirable candidates for admission in the elite National Defence Academy which is located at Khadakwasla, Pune. This year NDA 1 written examination will be conducted by the UPSC on 19th April 2020 for admission to the Indian Army,  Indian Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA for the 145th Course, and for the 107th Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC). UPSC shall upload the E-Admit Card of  eligible candidates  three weeks before the commencement of the examination. In this article, we will provide you all information regarding NDA 1 2020 and best study plan to prepare for NDA 1 2020 in 30 days.

NDA Exam Pattern and Syllabus 2020
Paper 1 - Mathematics

AlgebraMatrices & DeterminantsTrigonometry
   Differential Calculus        Analytical Geometry 2D & 3D        Integral Calculus
    Differential Equations               Vector Algebra           Probability

Paper 2 - Part A - English

The syllabus covers various aspects like: Grammar and its usage, vocabulary, comprehension, sentence rearrangement and cloze test to test the candidate’s proficiency in English.

Paper 2 - Part B - General Knowledge
General Science

              Current Affairs

Detailed UPSC NDA 1 2020 Study Plan

Day Mathematics General Knowledge English
1     Set Theory Dimensional formula and Equations Tenses
2     Relations and Functions Average velocity and Average speed Active and Passive Voice
3     Sequence and Series Atoms and Molecules, Structure of Atom Subject Verb Agreement
4     Quadratic Equations and Inequalities The fundamental unit of life and Tissue Articles
5     Permutation and Combination Indus valley civilization, Vedic Period Noun
6    Binomial numbers Making of the Indian constitutions, The preamble Pronoun
7    Complex Numbers Current Affairs(Books ,Awards and Sports) Adjective
8     Binary Numbers Kinematics equations and Scalars and Vectors Verb
9     Logarithm Newtons Laws and Circular Motion Adverb
10   Matrices Chemical Reaction and Equations Preposition
11   Determinants The Cell and Structure of Cell Conjunction
12   Trigonometric Ratios Interior of Earth , Earthquakes and Volcanoes Error Detection
13   Inverse Trigonometric Functions Concept of GDP and National Income Sentence Rearrangement
14   Height and Distance Current Affairs(Government Scheme and Appointments) Cloze Test
15   Properties of Triangles The concept of Potential Energy and Work energy theorem) Synonym
16   Circle Angular velocity, Moment of Inertia and Theorem of perpendicular and parallel axes, Antonym
17   Coordinate System and Straight Lines Properties of matter and their measurement, Mole concept and Molar Masses Sentence Improvement
18   Conic Section The Fundamental Right and Directive Principles Idiom and Phrases
19   3D Geometry Maurya Period and Gupta Period Comprehension
20   Limits Structure and composition of atmosphere and types of climate Error Detection
21   Continuity and Differentiability Basics of computer, Input and output devices Synonym
22   Differentiation Torques and angular momentum and Linear momentum Articles
23   Application of Derivatives Universal law of gravitation ,Acceleration due to gravity and Gravitational Potential energy Preposition
24   Indefinite Integral Periodic law, Periodic properties and electronic configuration Conjunction
25   Definite Integral Nutrition and Photosynthesis Tenses
26   Areas Bounded by Regions History of ancient South India Synonym
27   Differential Equation Banking System and Monetary policy Antonym
28   Vector Algebra Current Affairs(Government Scheme and Appointments) Comprehension
29   Statistics Stress and Strain, Hooks law ,Stress and Strain Curve Sentence Rearrangement
30  Probability Stream line Flow, Bernoulli principle, Viscosity and Surface tension Jumbled Sentence

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