Know about all SSB Psychological Tests

Know about all SSB Psychological Tests

Day 1 screening

  • First a test takes place
  • Verbal and non-verbal
Time allotted is 20 mins and 25 mins
It is not counted on the 1 st day

  • A picture slide is shown to us for 30 sec.
  • Write a story in 4 mins
  • Identify the character and make a story around him
  • It should be positive
  • Should reflect courage , initiative , positivity , team work and social adaptability
  • It should be divided into 3 paras.

1. 1 st 2 lines should describe the what led to the situation
2. 2nd section contains what is going on
3. 3 rd section is how to tackle it

  • Then they divide you into groups
  • One by one everyone narrates its story within 1 min
  • Points to remember

1. Clarity
2. Accuracy
3. Confidence
4. Logical
5. No stammering
6. Narrate it in English
7. Keep a smile at your face
8. Address the whole group
9. Don’t look at the officer
10. Don’t use hand gestures
11. Sit straight and keep your hands on thighs

The moment the last person finishes the GD starts. Points to remember during GD

1. Don’t use harsh language
2. Don’t say listen to me
3. Don’t shout or point anyone
4. Sit straight and hands on your thighs
5. Don’t look at the officer
6. Don’t keep on speaking let others to speak
7. Present your point nicely and relax
8. Don’t argue
9. Listen to what others are saying
10. Don’t say I disagree either say my views are slightly from his views
11. Call everyone from his chest no.
12. If the officer says anything in b/w listen to him

Day 2 psychology

  • it’s the test of your personality
  • the way you think and react
  • it’s important as if the PO said NO then you are not recommended
  • be cool and relaxed and give an honest answer without showing off yourself
  • you will be going through a series of tests


In TAT you will get 12 slides following the 12 th slide to be blank and each slide will be shown for 20-30 sec. and 4 mins will be given to write.

  • It’s the test of your imagination and perception, nothing is right or wrong.
  • Same rules apply as of PPDT on screening
  • try to complete the story in time it should be short and crisp
  • don’t write anything while the slide is on the slides should reflect courage , initiative , social adaptability , leadership
  • the 12 th slide is blank so prepare a story well before

In WAT a set of 60 words will be show on slides for 15 sec. and within those15 sec. you have to write a sentences or either you can describe it in a word

  1. 4 set of 15 words of each are shown
  2. They somehow repeats again
  3. After 15 words are shown the a blank slide comes which is to check the responses you have written

 Points to remember
1. The sentence should be positive
2. Avoid using words like not don’t or anything which is negative
3. Do not form a negative sentence which already have a positive word
4. Most imp. Do not try to impress PO

In SRT same 60 situations are there in a booklet which you have to complete in 30 mins

  1. The response should be normal as you would do when it occurs
  2. Don’t show yourself as a hero..e.g. “I’ll beat 10 guys and save my gf’s life”
  3. Be logical
  4. Presence of mind is most important
  5. Keep yourself in that situation and then answer


In this you have to write about
1. What parents think of yourself
2. What teachers think of yourself
3. What friends think of yourself
4. What do you think of yourself
5. And what would you like to be


  • Again don’t brag about your stuff
  • Prepare it and then go as it needs practice
  • Its better to ask feedback of your friends , teachers and parents
  • Most importantly you should know yourself better
  • Try avoiding writing negative about you

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