How to Prepare for NDA General Knowledge Section: Crack NDA 1 2020

How to Prepare for NDA General Knowledge Section: Crack NDA 1 2020

How to Prepare for NDA General Knowledge Section: Crack NDA 1 2020:
Due to ongoing coronavirus outbreak NDA 1 2020 has been postponed by UPSC. We are observing lockdown for 21 days period. This is the best time to study for NDA 2020. All the candidates who have applied for the NDA 2020 examination should make sure that General Knowledge Section play a vital role in scoring marks in the written examination To crack the NDA 2020 exam all you need to have is clear and focused mind.

Syllabus of NDA 2020 General Knowledge is very vast so it is very important to make your action plan to score maximum marks in this section. NDA Paper will consist questions from History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Current Affairs, General Science including Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

First and the foremost thing is that, know your strong and weak subjects. Focus more on the weak subjects and and prepare them thoroughly. Subjects in which you have strong hold must be practiced thoroughly to avoid any mistakes in the exam. Make a proper time table for your preparation and follow it regularly. Study everyday for 2-3 hours for this section. You must utilise this quarantine time perios to prepare for this section.

How to Prepare for the NDA 2020 History

NDA 2020 History section will have questions from Ancient, Medieval and Modern part and the level of difficulty is  moderate to difficult. To prepare for this part you have to do thorough study. Learning one line fact and figure will not really help. After that solve previous year question papers, this will give you an idea about the type of questions asked in NDA. Practise Mocks tests to know your preparation.

  • Ancient Part: Questions from Harappa, Rig veda, Books and authors Maurya Empire, Gupta Dynasty etc. which can be covered with Mock test papers another reference books.
  • Medieval Part: Questions would be asked from the Delhi Sultanate and other muslim rulers who ruled India and established  various monuments.
  • Modern History: Revolt of 1857, Indian Freedom struggle, Colonial rule in India, Governor Generals of India, Various Movements of Indian Freedom Struggle etc. Questions would be asked from these topics.

How to prepare for the NDA 2020 Geography

Geography of NDA exam is also vast and need proper preparation. Questions would be asked from Physical, Indian, World Geography. Preparing from NCERT will give you in depth knowledge about the subject.

  • Physical Geography: It includes universe, earth, atmosphere, weather, climate, land forms, oceans etc.
  • Indian Geography: Topics related to India geography, Industry, Climate, Rivers, Thermal Power Plants, soil, crops, sanctuaries etc.
  • Environment & Biodiversity: Questions from ecosystem, greenhouse effect, Different protocols on climate change, Hotspots etc would be asked.

How to prepare for NDA Polity Section

Indian Polity plays a major role in the general knowledge section as it has around 10-15 questions. Online Videos and Test Series will boost your knowledge in this section.
Questions from Indian Constitution, Articles, Parts, Fundamental Rights, DPSP, Union, Houses, Bodies, Schedules, Different Amendments etc could be asked. You should prepare these topics thoroughly and you will definitely score good marks in this section.

How to prepare for the NDA Economics

Economy section is from moderate to difficult level. You should prepare all five year plans, recent happenings, economic survey, reforms, appointment and awards given in this sector, Agricultural revolution, miniratnas, maharatnas etc. Practice previous year question paper.

How to prepare for NDA General Science

Science questions asked in NDA paper have easy to moderate level so if you prepare the basics, important points of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and also solve previous year question papers than you would be able to do well in this section of the General Knowledge. NCERT science books of 9th and 10th standard are very helpful to prepare for this section.

How to prepare for Current Affairs for NDA

Current affairs also plays major role in the general knowledge paper as there would be more than 10 questions from this section and if you would have prepared recent current affairs of at least six month than you will have upper hand in the paper. You can download the current affairs PDF from HERE

Note: You should also do Physical Exercise everyday to keep your mind and body active and alert. Practice meditation everyday for 5-10 min to increase your concentration and grasping power.

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