English Quiz for Defence Examination NDA, CDS, AFCAT, INET

English Quiz for Defence Examination NDA, CDS, AFCAT, INET

English Quiz for Defence Examination: Defence Exams is getting popular with the time and every young blood wants to join Indian Defence Forces and serve the mother land. Mostly every Defence Exam have questions related to 3-4 sections i.e English, Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning, Current affairs and General Knowledge which consists questions from History, Polity, Geography, Economics and general Science. 

Out of all the sections of defence examination, English section is the most scoring and less-time consuming area. The questions asked in English are from various topics such as, Reading  Comprehension, Error-spotting, jumbled sentence, Sentence rearrangement, idioms and Phrases, Tenses, Cloze Test etc.

Candidates can also refer to the English Quiz Section to attempt English Quiz. Defenceadda provides you with everything you want to prepare for various defence  examination like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, INET etc.

We have quizzes and tricks for English section in a comprehensive way that can help you in gaining success in the examination. You must practice Parajumbles, Vocabulary, Grammar, Sentence Correction, Error Spotting quiz online for exam like CDS, AFCAT, INET, NDA etc. Attempt the test to solve English quiz based on various topics.

September 2020

Date Topic Date Topic
01 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous17 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous
02 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous18 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous
03 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous19 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous
07 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous21 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous
08 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous22 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous
09 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous23 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous
10 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous25 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous
11 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous28 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous
14 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous29 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous
16 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous30 SeptemberEnglish Miscellaneous

August 2020

Date Topic Date Topic
01 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous18 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous
04 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous19 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous
05 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous20 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous
06 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous21 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous
07 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous24 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous
10 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous25 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous
11 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous26 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous
12 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous27 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous
13 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous28 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous
14 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous29 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous
17 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous31 AugustEnglish Miscellaneous

July 2020

Date Topic Date Topic
01 July English Miscellaneous 17 July English Miscellaneous
02 July English Miscellaneous 18 July English Miscellaneous
03 July English Miscellaneous 19 July ----
04 July English Miscellaneous 20 July English Miscellaneous
05 July ---- 21 July English Miscellaneous
06 July English Miscellaneous 22 July English Miscellaneous
07 July English Miscellaneous 23 July English Miscellaneous
08 July English Miscellaneous 24 July English Miscellaneous
09 July English Miscellaneous 25 July ----
10 July English Miscellaneous 26 July ----
11 July ---- 27 July English Miscellaneous
12 July ---- 28 July English Miscellaneous
13 July English Miscellaneous 29 July English Miscellaneous
14 July English Miscellaneous 30 July English Miscellaneous
15 July ---- 31 July English Miscellaneous
16 July English Miscellaneous

June 2020

01 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous17 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous
02 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous18 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous
03 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous19 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous
04 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous20 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous
05 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous21 June----
06 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous22 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous
07 June----23 June----
08 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous24 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous
09 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous25 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous
10 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous26 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous
11 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous27 June----
12 June----28 June----
13 June----29 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous
14 June----30 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous
15 JuneEnglish Miscellaneous

16 June English Miscellaneous

April 2020

Date Topic Date Topic
02 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous17 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous
03 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous18 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous
04 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous20 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous
06 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous21 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous
07 AprilOne Word Substitution22 AprilSynonyms
08 AprilIdioms And Phrases23 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous
09 AprilSynonyms24 AprilReading-Comprehension
10 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous25 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous
11 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous27 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous
13 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous28 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous
14 AprilVocabulary 29 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous
15 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous30 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous
16 AprilEnglish Miscellaneous


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