Self Introspection for SSB Interview: Know Yourself

Self Introspection for SSB Interview: Know Yourself

Self Introspection for SSB Interview: Join Indian Armed Forces is dream of many young aspirants, but the main obstacle that comes between achieving the dream is rigorous testing procedure i.e SSB Interview. SSB Interview is a five days testing procedure which focus on assessing the required fifteen officer like qualities in candidates. To inculcate these officer like qualities in your personality you need to know yourself, your positive qualities, negative qualities and knowledge about surroundings. Self introspection is key to succeed in SSB interview. A good leader must understand his character. This is absolutely vital. leadership is the interaction between the leader and the led. A good leader must know and understand both the parties. The human tragedy is such that each one of us feels that he is the epitome of perfection and refuses to look at himself objectively.

There is a sound and notable core in every person. Unfortunately, it gets coated with layers of egotism, desires, greed, anger and jealousy.  The 'Attribution Theory' credited to Lee Ross states that as humans we typically treat any success as our own and any failure as the system's. People tune out if they feel they are failing, because the 'system' is to blame. The best method of knowing our self is to look inside self in deep silence and asks questions related to us. Our conscience will give us the right answer. 

Before you appear for the SSB, write everything about yourself, your parents, your friends, your teachers and the people connected to you.

  • Ask yourself, are you honest?
  • Is your thoughts, actions and work is congruent?
  • Do you take responsibility of the work?
  • Do you initiate for the work?
  • Are you selfish?
  • Are you a trustworthy person?
  • Are you a loyal Person? 
  • Do you have courage to do risky things?
  • Do you fear for somethings?
  • Are you disciplined and organised in your daily routine?
  • Do you practice good hobbies and interests?
  • Ask about yourself from the persons mentioned above.

Improving yourself is a slow and time taking process but it is possible to improve your personality. Improve yourself slowly with consistency.

How to prepare for SSB Psychological Test 

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