Defence Exams Tips During Corona Outbreak

Defence Exams Tips During Corona Outbreak

Defence Exams Tips During Corona Outbreak: Due to Coronavirus Outbreak Indian Armed Forces have postponed all its written exams as well as SSBs that were scheduled after March 21 till further notice. Now, all defence aspirants you have ample amount of time to prepare for the upcoming exams. In this article we will provide you defence exams tips during corona outbreaks. How can you utilize this isolation time for your defence exam preparation.

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, we need to be very careful about our health and as per the instruction we must stay inside our home and maintain social distance. With this outbreak we also get the very good and beneficial opportunity to invest our time more in studies. As we all know all that most of the exams are cancelled because this Corona pandemic, so now we can set our timetable accordingly to prepare all the important topics in a more efficient way.

Syllabus of defence exams is vast and it is very difficult to memorize the whole syllabus. So the Key To Success here is repetition,  keep repeating, analyse the syllabus and select key areas from where the questions are asked. We have AFCAT, CDS, INET Exams in the second half of the year.

Ask yourself, why do you want to join Indian Armed Forces, what motivates to join forces. This will self motivate you to focus ob your preparation. You shall develop officer like qualities in your personalities for officers entry and mental and physical robustness to clear the Defence rallies.

Increase your knowledge about defence forces. Use this isolation time and read books related to Indian Armed Forces. You should be aware about the recent defence deals. You shall be aware about Indian Armed Forces Training Intitutes, Rank Structure, Weapons and Missiles. Also, keep yourself aware about the current affairs, go through all the schemes launched by the govt of India.

Stay Positive, during this corona outbreak, you have to stay positive and consistent with your preparation. Practise in front of mirror and improce your communication skills for SSB interview. It will boost your confidence and your accuracy to give answer will improve. Keep your mind active while attempting the questions in final exam. Keep yourself physically and mentally fit in this hard time, practise YOGA and do exercise like push ups, skipping, sit ups, etc in your home itself.

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