Reasoning Quiz for AFCAT and INET(Miscellaneous):10 Feb

Reasoning Quiz for AFCAT and INET(Miscellaneous):10 Feb

 Dear Students, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on General Knowledge questions for CDS, AFCAT, CAPF, INET, and other Defence Examinations.

DIRECTIONS (1-5) : the first word is related to the second in the same way as the third word is related to the fourth. In the given problems either the third or the fourth word is missing and is left blank. You have to choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

Q1. Foot is to Man as Hoof is to _______.
(a) Dog 
(b) Cow
(c) Cat 
(d) Rabbit

Q2. Broad is to Narrow as ________ is to Lane.
(a) Footpath 
(b) Field
(c) Pavement 
(d) Road

Q3. Back is to Backbone as Belly is to _________.
(a) Throat 
(b) Ribs
(c) Heart 
(d) Navel

Q4. Ankle is to Knee as Wrist is to _____________.
(a) Elbow 
(b) Finger
(c) Hand 
(d) Foot

Q5. Sting is to Bee as ______ is to Snake.
(a) Slithering 
(b) Rats
(c) Poison 
(d) Fangs

DIRECTIONS (6-10): Answer the verbal analogy questions.

Q6. Author is related to Book as Choreographer is related to
(a) Drama
(b) Ballet
(c) Masque

Q7. Glutton is related to Eat as Garrulous is related to
(a) Walk
(b) Talk
(c) Laugh
(d) Travel

Q8. Vitro is related to Glass as Ligno is related to
(b) Rock
(c) Wood

Q9. Jade is related to Green as Garnet is related to
(a) red
(b) blue
(c) Orange
(d) yellow

Q10. Estonia is related to Ruble as Chile is related to
(a) Peso
(b) Rupee
(c) Peseta


S1. Ans.(b)
Sol. Man’s lower part of leg is known as Foot. Similarly, Hoof is the lower part of Cow.

S2. Ans.(d)
Sol. Broad covers more part than Narrow. Road covers more part than lane.

S3. Ans.(b)
Sol. Back rests on backbone. Similarly, Belly rests on Ribs.

S4. Ans.(a)
Sol. Ankle is the lower part of knee. Wrist is lower part of Elbow

S5. Ans.(d)
Sol. The first is used be second to bite.

S6. Ans.(b)
Sol. Chorographer composes ballet as Author composes book.  

S7. Ans.(b)
Sol. Glutton eats a lot. Similarly, garrulous talks a lot. 

S8. Ans.(c)
Sol. Ligno is related wood as vitro is related to glass. 

S9. Ans.(a)
Sol. Jade is a green colour stone. Similarly, Garnet is a Red colour stone. 

S10. Ans.(a)
Sol. Ruble is the currency of Estonia. Peso is the currency of chile. 


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