Quant Quiz for AFCAT and INET(Mixed Questions):6 February

Quant Quiz for AFCAT and INET(Mixed Questions):6 February

Jai Hind Aspirants, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on Reasoning Section for CDS, AFCAT, INET and other Defence Examinations. One can attempt the maximum number of questions in the minimum time in this section of  exams. Practicing daily with daily quizzes on Defence Adda not only ensures good marks in this section but also strengthens your chances of getting through the above mentioned defence examinations.

Q1. Car A is travelling at 60 kmph towards northwest creating an angle 42° to north and Car B is travelling towards South West at 80 kmph creating an angle 48° degree to South. Both are started from same point. Find distance between A and B after one hour? 
(a) 1001cm 
(b) 120km 
(c) 150km 
(d) 90km 

Q2. Average age of n students who promoted in class VIII is Y years. Three more students included in class whose ages are Y-1, Y-2 and Y+3 years. Find their average age when they promoted in class Xth. 
(a) Y 
(b) Y³ 
(c) Y+2 
(d) Y+5 

Q3. Difference between two stations X and Y is 500 km one train starting from X move toward Y with 20 km/h and another train move toward X from Y with the speed 30km/h. What is the distance of the point where both train cross each other from point X. 
(a) 400km 
(b) 200km 
(c) 300km 
(d) 100km 

Q4. The average monthly rainfall is 2. 7inch, the average of first 7 months rainfall is 1. 1 less than the average of yearly rainfall and rainfall of other four months is 20. 3 what is the average rainfall of the last month? 
(a) 0. 9 
(b) 10 
(c) 2. 1 
(d) 13 

Q5. X, Y and Z have some monkey in the ratio 4:3:8. If 2 monkey run away from X and 4 monkey run away Z than the ratio become 3:3:8 how many monkey they initially had? 
(a) 10 
(b) 20 
(c) 40 
(d) 30 

Q6. A is 5 times efficient as of B. A completes a piece of work in 60 days less than B, how many time will they take individually? 
(a) 15 days,75 days 
(b) 13 days, 65 days 
(c) 15 days, 60 days 
(d) 17 days, 85 days 

Q7. A man bought watch and pen-drive at 1564 each. And one sold for 23% profit and other sold for 23% loss. What is overall profit or loss? 
(a) 0%
(b) 23%
(c) 46%
(d) 0%

Q8. A and B earn in the ratio 2:1. They spend in the ratio 5:3 and save in the ratio 4:1. If the total monthly savings of both A and B are Rs. 5000, the monthly income of B is- 
(a) Rs. 7,000 
(b) Rs. 14,000 
(c) Rs. 5,000 
(d) Rs. 10,000 

Q9. 240 men can finish a work in 20 days working 5 hours a day. To finish the work within 10 days working 8 hours a day, the minimum number of men required is- 
(a) 310 
(b) 300 
(c) 315
(d) 312 

Q10. While selling, a businessman allows 40% discount on the marked price and there is a loss of 30%. If it is sold at the marked price, profit per cent will be — 
(a) 10% 
(b) 20% 
(c) 16. 68% 
(d) 16. 25% 


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