Foundation of New ‘Thal Sena Bhawan’ laid by MoD Rajnath Singh

Foundation of New ‘Thal Sena Bhawan’ laid by MoD Rajnath Singh

New Army Headquarters: Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh recently laid the foundation stone of a new Indian Army headquarters  in Delhi Cantonment named as ‘Thal Sena Bhawan’.  The new Army headquarters would be constructed over 39 acres of land and would be designed like rising sun.

Shri Rajnath Singh said that this army building will represent the Indian soldiers who wants to see India capable and empowered. He said new "Thal Sena Bhawan" is dedicated to the sacrifice of soldiers in making India a powerful country.

New Army Headquarters: "Thal Sena Bhawan"

The new ‘Thal Sena Bhawan’ , to be built in 7.5 lakh square meters that will have 6014 offices that will include 1684 offices for military and civilian officers and 4330 offices for sub-staff. It will also provide employment opportunities to the youth of India. According to the media reports, it will take five years to complete the construction work. 

The new Army headquarters has been designed as a multi-storey environment-friendly building. It will be constructed as per the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) norms. 

Indian Army’s several offices are located in Sena Bhawan, RK Puram, South Block, Hutments Area, Shankar Vihar and other parts of the Delhi will now be able to work together under one roof. The new ‘Thal Sena Bhawan’  building will be located opposite the Manekshaw center in Delhi Cantonment. As per the media reports, it will also save time and fuel as it will reduce the movement of 3000-4000 vehicles daily between the Indian Army’s various offices.

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