India vs Pakistan Military Strength Comparasion

India vs Pakistan Military Strength Comparasion

India vs Pakistan Army Comparison: In this article we will see the comparison of the war capabilities of Indian Army and Pakistan Army. Pakistan is a country that is born out of India's own blood. It is an apathy that a country that is born of India's own blood is so rebellious against India.We all know the main reason behind this is the Kashmir Issue for which we have fought many wars and Pakistan is defeated in all.

Lets take a look at current comparison of Indian Army and Pakistan Army war capabilities:

Military Budget of Both Armies:

small flag IN Indiasmall flag PK Pakistan
Military budget:55,9 billion $10,8 billion $
Percent of GDP:2,5%2,9%

Manpower of both countries Army:

small flag IN Indiasmall flag PK Pakistan
Active personnel:2 140 000653 800
Reserve personnel:1 155 000513 000
Available for military:319 129 42048 453 305

 Land Army War Capabilities:

small flag INIndiasmall flag PK Pakistan
Tanks:4 4262 735
Armoured fighting vehicles:5 6813 066
Total artillery:5 0673 745
Self-propelled artillery:290325
Rocket artillery:292134

Air Forces War Capabilities:

 small flag INIndiasmall flag PK Pakistan
Total aircraft:2 2161 143
Fighter aircraft:323186
Multirole aircraf:329225
Attack aircraft:22090

Naval War Capabilities:

small flag IN Indiasmall flag PK Pakistan
Total naval:214231

Nuclear Weapon

small flag INIndia

Indian does not have nuclear weapons.

small flag PKPakistan

Pakistan is one of several nations that are not the part of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Yet, it is believed that the Pakistani government managed to acquire nuclear warheads.

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  1. haha terrorist rss indian you are far away from the truth let me show you the mirror and true picture of wars
    1948 War Pakistan claim many areas of Kashmir which we called Azad kashmir
    1965 you went to your papa russia that save us from Pakistan, then we back given back your 95% wining area but acha area in sindh still Pakistan have
    1971 yes you won because our brother Bangaldesh separate from us but yet terrorist rss arym not claim a singal acre of land
    1998 you went to amercia please save us from Pakistan they are beating us, then your puppet nawaz sharif saved you
    so score is 2-1 and one is draw baby, ask to your any neutral journal and yes don't forget Feb 27, 2019 tea was fantastic