English Quiz for AFCAT & INET Exam: 5th February 2020

English Quiz for AFCAT & INET Exam: 5th February 2020

English Quiz for AFCAT & INET Exam: 5th February 2020

Jai Hind Aspirants, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on English Language questions for CDS, AFCAT, INET and other Defence Examinations. One can attempt the maximum number of questions in the minimum time in the English Language section of defense competitive exams. If you have the basics of the important topics of English all groups, you can definitely score good marks in the upcoming defense examinations. Practicing daily with daily quizzes on Defence Adda not only ensures good marks in this section but also strengthens your chances of getting through the above-mentioned defence examinations.

Directions (1-4): Which word or words explains the meaning of the following idioms.

Q1. Hit the road running
(a) To delay in doing something
(b) To hit a person badly
(c) Start something and proceed at a fast pace with enthusiasm
(d) To hit a vehicle

Q2. For keeps
(a) Himself
(b) Away
(c) Forever
(d) Hid

Q3. Pale into insignificance
(a) To seem less important
(b) To be less exciting
(c) To be less hectic
(d) To be dull and pale

Q4. Drive home
(a) Find one’s roots
(b) Emphasize
(c) Refer
(d) Draw

Directions (5-8): Choose the word that best defines the given phrases:

Q5. Platform on which criminals are executed
(a) Revelry 
(b) Scaffold 
(c) Delve 
(d) Purvey

Q6. Having the same source or origin  
(a) Gibe 
(b) Polemic 
(c) Cognate 
(d) Dais 

Q7. Secret or illegal religious meeting  
(a) Conventicler 
(b) Carrion
(c) Haggle 
(d) Savant 

Q8. Customs and habits of a particular group
(a) Mores 
(b) Frieze 
(c) Fallow
(d) Passe

Direction (9-10): In the following questions, the sentence given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Select the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by selecting the appropriate option.

Q9. His colleague suggested him to discuss all his _______ with the human resource department, whether on a personal or a professional front.
(a) injustices
(b) protestations
(c) tyrannies
(d) grievances

Q10. The publication of the study had wider __________ throughout the academic and scientific institutions connected with it.
(a) deterrence
(b) sludge
(c) reverberations
(d) temperament

S1. Ans.(c)
Sol. Hit the road running: start a new activity with great energy and enthusiasm, working effectively from the beginning.

S2. Ans.(c)
Sol. For keeps: permanently; indefinitely. Hence option C is correct choice.

S3. Ans.(a)
Sol. Pale into insignificance: diminish in importance, especially in comparison with something else. Hence option A is correct choice.

S4. Ans.(b)
Sol. Drive something home: to emphasize an important point about something (to someone).

S5. Ans.(b)

S6. Ans.(c)

S7. Ans.(a)

S8. Ans.(a)

S9. Ans.(d)
Sol. Protestation: an emphatic declaration in response to doubt or accusation.
Tyranny: cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control.
Grievance: an official statement of a complaint over something believed to be wrong or unfair.
Hence option D is the correct choice. 

S10. Ans. (c)  
Sol. Reverberation: a continuing effect; a repercussion.
Hence option C is the correct choice.


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