AFCAT Exam Analysis 2020, Shift (1) and (2) 3 October: Question Asked (Original)

AFCAT Exam Analysis 2020, Shift (1) and (2) 3 October: Question Asked (Original)

AFCAT Exam Analysis 2020: Shift (1) 03 October: Air Force recruiting authorities conducts Air Force Common Entrance Test (AFCAT) twice in a year and AFCAT 2020 Shift-1 was conducted on 3 October successfully. We at DefenceAdda247 value your preparation and efforts of taking bold step to join Indian Air Force and giving AFCAT examination. Hence we are providing you in depth analysis which includes Difficulty level, good number of attempts, number of question asked from different section in AFCAT 2020 Exam. AFCAT exam consist of four sections and EKT for (technical) branch.

AFCAT Exam Pattern

Following is the examination pattern of the Online AFCAT 2020 Exam:

ExamSubjectDurationNo. of questionsMax. marks
AFCATGeneral Awareness,verbal ability in English, Numerical ability and reasoning and military aptitude test02 Hours100300
EKT(for Ground Duty technical branch only)Mechanical, computer science and electrical &electronics45 Minutes50150

AFCAT 2020 Exam Shift 1, 03 October: Overall

The shift-1 of AFCAT-2020 is over and this exam was of a Moderate Level. Following are the good attempts on the basis of the review shared by various aspirants who have appeared for this exam:

SectionLevelGood Attempts
 English LanguageEasy13-18
Numerical Ability Moderate09-13
Test Of Reasoning Easy-Moderate20-25
General Knowledge Moderate13-16

In Depth Analysis of AFCAT 2020 Exam

English Language

In AFCAT 2020 , English Language section was Moderate. In AFCAT exam English section plays a vital role in clearing the exam as minimum of 25 questions are asked and by preparing section would increase your chances of clearing the written exam. Questions are asked from error detection, grammar usage, idiom and phrases vocabulary etc. In the table below we have provided the details of the questions asked

TopicNo of QuestionsLevel
Fill in the blacks 4Moderate
Error Detection3Moderate
Reading Comprehension2Moderate
Antonym/ Synonym6Moderate
Cloze test5Moderate-Difficult

Numerical Ability

In AFCAT 2020 Exam, Numerical Ability was of Moderate Level. Most of the questions were based directly on Formulas and some were calculative. The questions were asked from basic Mathematics and we have provided the detail analysis of the number of questions asked from each section.

TopicNo of QuestionsLevel
Profit/Loss and Discount2Easy-Moderate
Ratio & Percentage3Easy-Moderate
Mixture & allegations2Moderate
Time and Work2Easy
Speed and Distance2Easy
Average 2Easy-Moderate

Reasoning and Military aptitude

In AFCAT 2020 Exam, Reasoning questions were of Moderate level. Majority of questions were asked from non verbal reasoning and military aptitude. The question pattern of this section remains the same and a well prepared candidate can attempt all the questions.

No of Questions
Non-Verbal (Image)
Odd one out
Venn diagram
 Complete the pattern

General Awareness

In AFCAT 2020 Exam,  General Knowledge questions were asked from all sections. In the table below we have mentioned the number of question asked from various subjects. A candidate can score well in this section if he has basic knowledge of the General Knowledge subjects and have good hold on current affairs.

TopicNo of QuestionsLevel
Current Affairs and Economics7Moderate

Questions Asked (Memory Based)

  1.  First National Park in India
  2.  Constitution was adopted on?
  3. Antonym of Exonerate
  4. Country:President::State:?
  5. 10*2=8, 14*4=10, 24*13?
  6. M:N= 2:3 then 3m+n/6m-n?
  7. Adjective of Brother
  8. Venn diagram of Women engineer mother.
  9. Antonym of Mitigate
  10. Meaning of Luscious
  11. Antonym of Vanquish
  12. Where is solar jung museum located? ans: hyderbad
  13. Bully term related to which game
  14. Gondwana Hill which state
  15. Name the instrument used to measure relative humidityif a man spend. 8rp per litre , 9rp , 11rp per litre successively 3yrs in if he spent 4000rp per year find the average cost ..?
  16. A French library has 5% English, 10% of the remaining Hindi & 15% of the remaining as Sanskrit books. There are 11628 french books remaining. What’s the total number of books in the library?
  17. Two poles cast shadow 12 m and 14 m resp. If height of one is 48 m ,what can be possible height of second.
  18. Calculate compound interest on a sum of 64000 compounded quarterly for 1 year at a rate of 10%? 
  19. A man buys petrol for rs 8,rs 9 and rs 10 for three consecutive years.every year he spend rs 4000 on petrol.calculate averge cost/litre of petrol of three years.?
  20. A group of 200 men did 5/6th of work in 10 weeks. Due to covid 19 lockdown work was stopped for 6 weeks. Also half of the work done was wasted due to… something. After lockdown only 140 men came. How much time it will take for the contractor to complete the whole work? And in weeks.
  21. A man buys petrol for rs 8,rs 9 and rs 10 for three consecutive years.every year he spends rs 4000 on petrol.calculate average cost/litre of petrol of three years.?
  22. P=64000, t=1 year, rate =10% , find CI ( quarterly)
  23. (30% of 6500) ÷ 26 ÷ 25 = ?
  24. CP of 30kg of rice is the same as the CP of “X” kg of wheat? If shopkeeper makes a profit of 20%. Find X?
  25. Shyam, who was travelling in bus toward Ravi heard the second gunshot after 15 minutes 20 seconds….if the speed of sound is 300 m/s..find the speed of the bus
  26. Who is also called the Napoleon of India?
  27. Judiciary and federal rejoin by…?
  28. Chris Evert is related to which game
  29. First cricketer to hit 6 sixes in T20 International
  30. who’s called the father of German unity
  31. Kitab-ul-hind was written by
  32. Ain-e-Akbari was written by
  33. revolutionary of Russia
  34. equator doesn’t pass tho’ which continent
  35. the separation of going judicial and executive is adjoined by ____?
  36. Vienna is the capital of?
  37. first indo-afro games, Hyderabad played in which year
  38. chukker is related to which games?
  39. bully is related to which games
  40. first SAARC gold football championship is played in which country?
  41. Hawaii is in which ocean?
  42. lightest gas?
  43. acc. to federalism, which represents the unit federal?
  44. Punjab Kesari” started by ____?
  45. UNO HQ?
  46. First place in India where petroleum found?
  47. some forts name are given and asked which is not made by Akbar
  48. Uno founded at ..?
  49. Vienna is the capital of which place
  50. Uno founded at? 1st saarc gold cup? Oldest oil well? 6 sixes in t20? The Equator does not pass through which continent?
  51. Who was known as Napolean of India
  52. Who was named as Punjab Kesari
  53. Bully is a term used in which game
  54. Opposite of Mitigate
  55. Meaning of Pilfer
  56. Lightest gas?
  57. Opposite of Luscious
  58. The Equator doesn’t go through which country
  59. AWACS air warning system was equipped with which aircraft?? Answer IL76
  60. aurora borealis found at which layer
  61. Meaning of Affluent
  62. Vienna is the capital of?
  63. United Nation Org was founded in which city?
  64. odd one out. gallon litre pint tonne
  65. Where did petroleum found in India?
  66. Germany unity man , Aurora borealis appear due to which layer , Vienna is the capital of , Kitab ul hind writer , Napoleon of india , air radar aircraft , some sports related terms and federal state k upar the….
  67. Chukker is used in Polo
  68. Cstps thermal power station is situated in which city??
  69. Location of Hawaii island
  70. Which fort is not built by akbar
  71. Equator passing through which continent?
  72. Which of the following is Not built by akbar . Allahabad fort lahore fort gwalior fort fatehpur sikri
  73. Capital of austria

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