Sample TAT Response: Crack SSB Psychological Test

Sample TAT Response: Crack SSB Psychological Test

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is the main test of SSB Psychological Test series. Many Candidates want to know as how can they improve their story writing response in this test. You should improve your writing skills by reading good self development books and English news paper. Your response show the way your think and act to a certain situation, the way you organise your thoughts will also tell about your organizing ability in handling difficult tasks. here we have provided you some sample response of TAT Images. Please do not mug up these responses and write in your SSB Thematic Apperception Test. You have to write responses as per your own personality and achievements.

TAT Sample Response 1:

Rahul a young meteorologist from Odisha, Bhuvneshvar decided to use coastal weather as a useful resource for his society. He thought of implementing windmills and solar panels around his locality so that electricity can be saved as it is a renewable and cost effective source of energy. He made the estimate budget and items required for the project. He convinced his friend to be a part of his start-up plan. They both put forwarded their project plan to MUDRA dept to sanction loan for the Start-up.
He got 75 percent of the loan sanctioned. With the help of the state govt plan was implemented which also helped in generating the employment of people. The idea became helpful and reached peak after their hardwork and consistency. They both returned the loan amount and established non-profitable company for the benefit of general public.

TAT Sample Response 2:

Captain Shubham wanted to join para special forces, he volunteered his name for the commando course and completed his probation with his hardwork and determination. During his regular recce with team he found some unidentified miscreants crossing the Line of Control, he immediately challenged them and alerted his team to take positions. He immediately made plan and divided his team and ordered them to fire from different directions as they did not listen to his orders. He led them from front. With his team co-ordination they captured all the miscreants. After successful completion of the mission he reported to his commanding officer to take further action.

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