Defence Budget 2020: Key expectations?

Defence Budget 2020: Key expectations?

Indian Defence Budget 2020: What are the expectations?

The Defence budget of the India is the part of the whole Union Budget of India that is specifically allocated to the Indian Armed Forces of India. The key point that defence budget covers are Armed Forces Finances including salaries and training costs, maintenance of defence equipment and facilities provided to Indian Armed Forces, development and procurement of new Military weapons, equipment, and vehicles for the modernisation of Indian Armed Forces.

In the past five years India's defence budget allocation  has been constant and is static. All three branches of defence, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, India navy requires upgrade to become modernised.

The absolute amount of the defence budget has been increasing but total defence expenditure has been slowed down according to the GDP of the country

In the table below we have provided the details of last years Defence Budget proportionate to the GDP: 

This year Defence Budget expected to increase as US-based consulting firm IHS projected in a study that India could emerge as the third-biggest country in terms of defence-related expenditure. Currently India, stands eighth in total spending on defence (expenditure, procurement, research, development and modernisation).

Key Expectations
  • Modernisation of Indian Armed Forces
  • Induction of Rafale Jets
  • Pensions Hike for Indian Army Veterans
  • Procurement of weapons and missiles
  • Early Delivery of S-400 Missile System from Russia
  • Securing Indo-Pak snd Indo-Bangla Borders with Laser Fencing

For the first time in India has got Chief of Defence Staff CDS Gen Bipin Rawat who will be responsible to bring synergy among Indian Army, Air Force and Navy by resolving inter-service doctrinal, planning and procurement process and provide single-point military advise to the government. Hence, we can expect that  this year defence budget to be different and unexpected things can be there for our Indian Armed Forces like  hike in resources to modernise the armed forces and procure critical military platforms.

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