How to overcome fear in SSB Interview

How to overcome fear in SSB Interview

Joining Indian Armed Forces needs courage and determination. If you want to join Indian Army as an officer than you have to clear the SSB Interview. In SSB Interview your personality is assessed on the basis of Officer Like Qualities. Some Candidates have these qualities inherited by birth and some need to develop them over the time period if they want to join Indian Armed Forces. Many candidates have questions as how to overcome fear. Let us first see what is Fear?, Fear is a feeling that is generated in our mind by perceiving danger or threat which results in a change in metabolic and organ functions. It also causes changes in behavior of  a person.

In SSB Interview everything is assessed in candidate as an officers has to fight and lead his men into the battle. He should be free from any fear, be it fear of death, fear of height, fear of darkness etc. In SSB Interview, even if you any fear and assessor feels that it can be diminished it will favour you in your selection.

Tips Overcome Fear  and see yourself as a Recommended Candidate

Firstly, write down the things you appreciate in yourself. Keep Motivating yourself and keep reminding yourself not to set any limits for you, Be limitless.

Secondly, note down what are the things your mind hesitate in doing, train your mind in such a way that it becomes habitual to that fear, for eg some candidate fear from height, the best way to over this fear is to go on adventurous trip and do paragliding under proper guidance. Train your mind in step wise manner. 

Thirdly, start doing exercise and yoga. It  wll help your mind to be calm and think clearly. We all know yoga is the step towards observing things and mental peace. Do meditation also, it will help you to keep calm in extreme pressure condition in SSB Interview, ultimately reducing your stress. It will also help in increasing your concentration power.

Fourthly, play games and sports, games like boxing, football, hockey will reduce your fear of getting injured, it will help you becoming more aggressive towards your aim.


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