General Knowledge Quiz for NDA & CDS : 12th DECEMBER

General Knowledge Quiz for NDA & CDS : 12th DECEMBER

Dear Students, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on General Knowledge questions for CDS, AFCAT, CAPF, INET, and other Defence Examinations.

Q1. Against whom Skandagupta had to wage long wars on the northwest border?
(a) Shakas
(b) Yavanas
(c)  Huns
(d) Greeks

Q2. Who among the following Mughal kings had sent Raja Ram Mohan Roy as his envoy to London? 
(a) Alamgir II
(b) Shah Alam II
(c) Akbar II
(d) Bahadur Shah II

Q3.Which one of the following local winds is different from the other three?

Q4. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? 
(a) Tharu : Uttar Pradesh
(b) Gaddi         : Himachal Pradesh
(c) Konyak : Kerala
(d) Toda : Tamil Nadu

Q5.Which one of the following is not a tropical desert?

Q6. Bohr’s model is related to which of the following?
(a) Plum pudding model
(b) Nuclear theory
 (c) Concept of quantization of energy
 (d) Dual nature of electron

Q7. Cartilage present in body is  
 (a) A muscular tissue
 (b) An epithelial tissue
 (c) A connective tissue
 (d) A germinal tissue

Q8.Carboxylic acid group can be detected by 
(a) sodium bisulphite test
(b) Fehling’s solution test
(c) Tollen’s reagent
(d) NaHCO₃

Q9. A rapid increase in the rate of inflation is sometimes attributed to the “base effect”. What is “base effect”?
(a) It is the impact of drastic deficiency in supply due to failure of crops
(b) It is the impact of the surge in demand due to rapid economic growth
(c) It is the impact of the price levels of previous year on the calculation of inflation rate
(d)None of the above.

Q10.  Yellow  fever is a disease spread through which of the following?
(a) Flies
(b) Mosquito
(c) Rat
(d) Cockroach


Sol. The nomadic savages or tribes who lived in the neighbourhood of China were the Hephthalites (the Sanskrit name of which is Hunas). Gupta Empire ruled over a major part of India, after the death of the Gupta emperor, Samudragupta, there was less control of the skandgupta in Western India. During this time, the Hunas armed forces attacked the Gupta dynasty.

Sol. Akbar II  sent Ram Mohan Roy as an ambassador to Britain and gave him the title of Mughal envoy to the Court of St. James, conferring on him the title of Raja.

Sol. Mistral the local wind is different from the others. The mistral is a strong, cold and usually dry regional wind in France, coming from the north or northwest, which accelerates when it passes through the valleys of the Rhone and the Durance Rivers to the coast of the Mediterranean around the Camargue region.

S4. Ans.(c)
Sol. Nagaland's Konyak Tribe is famous as headhunters, and for being fierce warriors.

Sol. Gobi is not a tropical desert. It is a temperate desert partly located in northern China and partly in Mongolia.

S6. Ans.(c)
Sol. In 1913 Bohr proposed his quantized shell model of the atom to explain how electrons can have stable orbits around the nucleus. The energy of an electron depends on the size of the orbit and is lower for smaller orbits. Radiation can occur only when the electron jumps from one orbit to another.

Sol. Cartilage is an important structural component of the body. It is a firm tissue but is softer and much more flexible than bone. Cartilage is a connective tissue found in many areas of the body including Joints between bones e.g. the elbows, knees and ankles.

S8. Ans.(d)
Sol. To 1 ml of organic liquid in a test-tube, add a pinch of sodium bicarbonate (NaHC03). A brisk effervescence indicates the presence of carboxylic group in the organic compound.

S9. Ans.(c)
Sol. The Base is the impact of the price levels of previous year on the calculation of inflation rate.

S10. Ans.(b)
Sol. Yellow fever is a viral hemorrhagic fever caused by a Flavivirus: the yellow fever virus. It is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito of the Aedes genus. The natural host of the virus is a particular species of monkey living in forest regions.


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