English Quiz for AFCAT and INET: 20 Dec 2019

English Quiz for AFCAT and INET: 20 Dec 2019

English Quiz for AFCAT and INET: 20 Dec 2019

Jai Hind Aspirants, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on English Language questions for CDS, AFCAT, INET and other Defence Examinations. One can attempt the maximum number of questions in the minimum time in the English Language section of defense competitive exams. If you have the basics of the important topics of English all groups, you can definitely score good marks in the upcoming defense examinations. Practicing daily with daily quizzes on Defence Adda not only ensures good marks in this section but also strengthens your chances of getting through the above-mentioned defence examinations.

Direction (1-10): In the following questions, out of the given four alternatives, select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/Phrase.

Q1. Whistle in the dark
(a) Pretend to be unafraid
(b) A ray of hope in the worst of times
(c) See a ghost while dreaming
(d) Be blind and fall into a trap

Q2. The alpha and the omega
(a) Happy and sad
(b) The beginning and the end
(c) The love and the hatred
(d) Truth and dare

Q3. Throw up the sponge
(a) To attack
(b) To laugh at someone
(c) To surrender
(d) To talk loudly

Q4. To draw the longbow
(a) To nullify
(b) To exaggerate
(c) To underrate
(d) To demarcate

Q5. All agog
(a) Avoid
(b) Contentment
(c) Amazed
(d) Unsystematically

Q6. Not to mince matters
(a) To be at ease
(b) To not confuse others
(c) To not interfere in others affairs
(d) To speak unreservedly

Q7. Will-o-the wisp
(a)  Something that is impossible to get or achieve.
(b) To keep off an unwanted and undesirable person.
(c) To spend recklessly.
(d) Accept or leave the offer.

Q8. Sow wild oats
(a) To make someone fool
(b) To make space to red
(c) To take revenge
(d) To waste time by doing foolish things

Q9. Pillar to post
(a) Main support of an object
(b) One place to another
(c) To be reluctant
(d) To incite others

Q10. To wrangle over an ass's shadow
(a) To waste money over trifles
(b) To punish a person severely for his arrogance
(c) To quarrel over trifles
(d) To keep away from extreme poverty

S1. Ans(a);
Sol. Whistle in the dark means to pretend to be confident or unafraid.

S2. Ans(b);
Sol. The alpha and the omega:  the beginning and the end

S3. Ans(c);
Sol. Throw up the sponge: to give up a contest; to acknowledge defeat

S4. Ans(b);
Sol. To draw the longbow: to lie; to exaggerate.

S5. Ans(c);

Sol. All agog means Amazed or impressed.

S6. Ans(d);
Sol. Not to mince matters means to speak frankly and bluntly.

S7. Ans(a);
Sol. Will-o-the wisp: An unrealistic, unattainable, or delusional hope or goal.

S8. Ans(d);
Sol. Sow wild oats: to do wild and foolish things in one's youth.

S9. Ans(b);
Sol. Pillar to post: From one place or thing to another in rapid succession.

S10. Ans(c);
Sol. To wrangle over an ass's shadow: To fight or quarrel over trivial and insignificant matters.

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