How to prepare for AFCAT 2020

How to prepare for AFCAT 2020 

How to prepare for AFCAT 2020: Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) is conducted twice a year by the Indian Air Force recruiting authorities for the induction of the Officers in Flying, Technical, Administration, Logistics branch for permanent and short service commission officers. Every year lakhs of candidate apply and appear for this exam. To crack this exam all you need is right approach and proper strategy. AFCAT exam consists of 100 questions of total 300 marks. Questions would be asked from English, General Awareness, Military Aptitude, Reasoning and Mathematics. We will provide you some tips to crack AFCAT exam in your first attempt. In this article we have provided you the information as how to prepare for AFCAT  2020

How to prepare for AFCAT 2020 

Many candidates lack proper guidance for the AFCAT exam. In this exam each section has equal importance therefore, it is very important to prepare every section equally. You need to analyse the exam pattern and previous year cutoff as well. If we take the average cutoff of last 3 years, it is around 150/300. You must keep in mind that mere clearing written exam and AFSB Interview would not make your selection sure in Indian Air Force. You must come in merit list for vacancy you have applied, for this you have to prepare thoroughly and score very good marks in written as well as AFSB Interview. Below we will discuss how to prepare for AFCAT exam section wise.

How to prepare for AFCAT  2020 English Section

This section of AFCAT paper consist of at least 20 questions and level is from moderate to difficult. Questions would be asked from comprehension, cloze test, synonym and antonym, idioms and phrases, Error spotting.

To prepare for this section, we have provided you the best Test series prepared by the professionals. You should solve the practise sets that are available. It will also help you to know where you stand in your preparation. Read Newspaper daily and note difficult words and find there meaning to improve your vocabulary. Go through the grammar part and learn all the basic rules. It will help you in detecting error in sentencing and even in sentence completion.

How to prepare for the AFCAT 2020 General Awareness and Current Affairs

This section consist of questions from Indian History, Polity, Economics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Current Affairs.  You need to be sure about your answers because there would be ⅓ negative marking. The level of difficulty of this section is from easy to moderate.

Apart from self preparation,  you can also take online course from Adda247 for the same. This helps in clearing doubts. Professional guidance will boost your josh for the exam preparation. Be true to yourself and give your best efforts for the exam as the competition is tough.

How to prepare for AFCAT 1 2020 Reasoning Section 

To prepare for this section all you need to do is practice a lot. Solve all the previous year questions of AFCAT. Questions would be asked from Series, Venn Diagram, Syllogism, Blood Relation, Non Verbal questions, Verbal reasoning, military aptitude etc. Increase your speed of attempting the questions with 100 percent accuracy.

How to prepare for AFCAT 1 2020 Mathematics Section

The questions that are asked  in the Mathematics sections of AFCAT are of Easy to Moderate level and questions would be asked from Number system, HCF and LCM, Time, Distance and Speed, Time and Work, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Average, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Pipes And Cistern etc. To prepare for this section, solve the practise sets provided below.

Questions according to the section in AFCAT exam
General Awareness
25 Appx

  2 Hours
25 Appx
Numerical Ability
18 Appx
Reasoning and Military Aptitude
32 Appx

AFCAT 1 2020 Study Plan
DayMathematicsGeneral KnowledgeEnglish
1    Number SystemDimensional formula and EquationsTenses
2    HCF and LCMAverage velocity and Average speedActive and Passive Voice
3    AverageAtoms and Molecules, Structure of AtomSubject Verb Agreement
4    PercentageThe fundamental unit of life and TissueArticles
5    Square RootsIndus valley civilization, Vedic PeriodNoun
6   Cube RootsMaking of the Indian constitutions, The preamblePronoun
7   Time and WorkCurrent Affairs(Books ,Awards and Sports)Adjective
8    Ratio and ProportionKinematics equations and Scalars and VectorsVerb
9    Time, Speed And DistanceNewtons Laws and Circular MotionAdverb
10  Simple InterestChemical Reaction and EquationsPreposition
11  Compound InterestThe Cell and Structure of CellConjunction
12  Pipes and CisternInterior of Earth , Earthquakes and VolcanoesError Detection
13  Boats and StreamsConcept of GDP and National IncomeSentence Rearrangement
14  Number SystemCurrent Affairs(Government Scheme and Appointments)Cloze Test
15  HCF and LCMThe concept of Potential Energy and Work energy theorem)Synonym
16  AverageAngular velocity, Moment of Inertia and Theorem of perpendicular and parallel axes,Antonym
17  Cube RootsProperties of matter and their measurement, Mole concept and Molar MassesSentence Improvement
18  Square RootsThe Fundamental Right and Directive PrinciplesIdiom and Phrases
19  Time and WorkMaurya Period and Gupta PeriodComprehension
20  Ratio and ProportionStructure and composition of atmosphere and types of climateError Detection
21  Time, Speed And DistanceBasics of computer, Input and output devicesSynonym
22  Simple InterestTorques and angular momentum and Linear momentumArticles
23  Compound InterestUniversal law of gravitation ,Acceleration due to gravity and Gravitational Potential energyPreposition
24  Pipes and CisternPeriodic law, Periodic properties and electronic configurationConjunction
25  Boats and StreamsNutrition and PhotosynthesisTenses
Previous year Questions
History of ancient South IndiaSynonym
27  Previous Year QuestionsBanking System and Monetary policyAntonym
28  Previous Year QuestionsCurrent Affairs(Government Scheme and Appointments)Comprehension
29  Previous year QuestionsStress and Strain, Hooks law ,Stress and Strain CurveSentence Rearrangement
30  Previous Year QuestionsStream line Flow, Bernoulli principle, Viscosity and Surface tensionJumbled Sentence

Candidates, AFCAT 1 2020  is easy to crack if you follow the steps mentioned above. Prepare yourself for this examination thoroughly and have faith in your preparation. Remember Success is no accident. It takes Hard Work, perseverance, studying, sacrificing and most of all, loving whatever you are doing.

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