Important SRT for SSB Interview

Important SRT for SSB Interview

Important SRT for SSB Interview

Important SRT for SSB Interview: This test is conducted after WAT and it is third in number in SSB Psychological tests battery, You would be provided a sheet and 60 Situations would be given to you and you are expected to write your responses to those situations. Attempts as many situations you can, keep minimum at 35 but quality of responses matters a lot in this test. Be very practical and natural in your responses and don’t try to write someone else’s response. Read the situation very carefully and then write the solution. Keep in mind all the resources that is provided to you in the situation. Practise a lot and decide in that particular situation what quality does psychologist want to see in your personality and answer accordingly being very practical. Here are some sample SRT with Reaction for your Practise

1. His poor parents had educated him up to BA bearing many hardships. He keenly felt he must quickly get a job and help his family, but no suitable job was forthcoming. He..

Reaction: Took a part time job, simultaneously prepared for jobs, applied for them and got one

2. The college recreation hall was still under construction when the masons went on strike. The principal called upon the boys for help. For a moment none volunteered. He..

Reaction:  Calmly discussed the matter with mesons sorted out the problem with principal and resumed the construction work

3. They had gone on an All-Indian University Tour and he found that their secretary was mishandling the funds. He..

Reaction: Inquired the matter, told him to not to do so and enjoyed the tour

4. All of a sudden when he woke up and he found that due to a short circuit, spark and smoke was coming out from the ceiling fan and its line. He..

Reaction: Turned it off, checked it and repaired it if possible or got it repaired by technician.

5. During winter he was once returning alone from late night show when suddenly it started raining heavily. He...

Reactionhired auto rickshaw and reached home

6. While canvassing for a particular candidate in the college elections, he was threatened by the opposite party. He..

Reaction: Completed canvass and reported to the college authorities to avoid further problems

7. On a windy afternoon his neighbor’s house caught fire while its inmates were all fast asleep on the first floor. He..

Reaction: Called them on mobile and informed them to evacuate, called fire brigade, went to the home turned off the electricity supply and made a team with other neighbors, threw water on fire.

8. When half of the preparations for his sister’s wedding were through, he found that he had run short of money. He..

Reaction: arranged money from relatives, completed the arrangements and returned money on time

9. When he was going to his office, he found a purse on road containing Rs 1000/-. He..

Reaction: Called the owner by number mentioned on identity proof in purse, told him to collect purse form his office/ home.

10. He was to go Madras and he had high fever and had not reservation and therefore, there was not seat. He..

Reaction: Booked ticket in Tatkal, got reservation seat in train, travelled and reached madras

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