‘Sindhu Sudarshan’: Indian Army Exercise in deserts of Rajasthan

‘Sindhu Sudarshan’: Indian Army Exercise in deserts of Rajasthan

‘Sindhu Sudarshan’: Indian Army Exercise in deserts of Rajasthan

Indian Army would be conducting military exercise codenamed as ‘Sindhu Sudarshan’ in the deserts of Rajasthan from 29 Nov to 4 Dec 2019. More than 40,000 troops of Indian Army will be participating in an all-arms battle array of Divisions and Brigades carrying out offensive operations in deserts. The exercise will showcase a high degree of synergy between the Indian Army and Indian Air Force.

About Sindhu Sudarshan Exercise

The Military Exercise underscores Indian Army’s resolve to implement integrated launch of Strike Corps in developed and desert terrain in unison with its clear pro-active strategy using Integrated Battle Groups (IBGs) along the Western Front of India The Integrated Battle Groups are the new formations being raised by force for warfighting in future.

The military exercise Sindhu Sudarshan will witness Indian Army assessing operational efficiency of Strike Corps to fight in desert terrain as well as Indian Air Force to provide intimate support in terms of destruction of targets and airlifting troops. It will be conducted to evaluate defence services capabilities to strike deep into enemy territory in an integrated air-land battle.

This will also provide unique opportunity to employ entire mechanised formations consisting of Tanks and Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICV) in order to evaluate capability to strike deep along Western Borders.

The exercise is unique in scope as well as scale. It will simulate battlefield conditions and will focus on fine-tuning destruction and/or surveillance mechanisms to support precision strikes as well as manoeuvres by network-enabled forces.

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