How to approach Individual Obstacle in SSB GTO

How to approach Individual Obstacle in SSB GTO

How to approach Individual Obstacle in SSB GTO

How to approach Individual Obstacle in SSB GTO: Individual Obstacle is the 6th task that is conducted as a part of the GTO testing series. It is conducted on GTO Day 2. It’s an endurance based task which tests the candidate’s physical fitness. It has to be performed individually. The other candidates of the group are asked to look away from the course when a candidate is attempting the obstacles. Group Testing Officers observes everything about you, the way you attempt the obstacle, your courage while attempting the tasks, everything is noted down by the the testing officer.

Key aspects of Individual Obstacle

  • Time Duration: 3 minutes composite.
  • 10 obstacles are there.
  • Each candidate will individually run the course of the 10 obstacles.
  • Each obstacle is numbered from 1-10 which also depicts the marks that it carries.
  • The obstacle course can be attempted in any manner and it’s not necessary to go sequentially.
  • If a candidate has completed all the obstacles and still has time left they can repeat the obstacles.
  • The obstacles will be painted Red on certain parts. These parts are out of bounds and can’t be touched while attempting the obstacles. A penalty of marks will be given if a candidate touches the Red parts.
There is a slight difference between the obstacles of AFSB and the SSB/NSB. The list of obstacles is provided below, the serial numbers also depict the marks that the obstacle carries.

AFSB ( Indian Air Force Selection  Board)

1. Single Ramp Jump
2. High Jump
3. Balance Beam (Wooden Log)
4. Double Platform Jump
5. Burma Bridge
6. Wall Climb
7. Tyre Jump
8. Tiger Leap
9. Monkey Crawl
10. (4-5) metres Vertical Rope Climb

SSB/NSB (Indian Army and Navy Selection Board)

1. Single Ramp Jump
2. Double Barrel Jump
3. Balancing Beam (Zig-Zag Beam)
4. Screen Jump
5. Burma Bridge
6. Tarzan Swing
7. Double Platform Jump
8. Double Ditch
9. Commando Walk
10. Tiger Leap

Key points to remember while performing Individual Obstacle

  • Every course has obstacles clustered in groups throughout the course. When you are shown the obstacles create a mental map and decide from which part of the course you want to start.
  • This will allow you to maximize your marks according to your capabilities and also give you a strategy to attempt the course rather than randomly attempting and thinking which obstacle to go for next.
  • If you’ve opted to go for an obstacle see it through and complete it don’t leave it midway. This will show that you lack the determination to complete a task.
  • If you’ve failed to complete an obstacle give it another try. This will show that you want to overcome your failure and want to try again to complete it. But don’t keep trying if it doesn’t happen in two attempts leave it and come back to it again if you have time. This will show that you know how to prioritize and keep the final aim of completing the whole course intact.
  • Even if you get hurt during the run, don’t give up, this will give a positive impact that you can still carry on and show your mental toughness. But if it’s a serious injury one should know when to stop.
  • Listen to the GTO’s briefing also clearly because the GTO might ask you to perform certain obstacles in a certain way and make you call out some slogans or your favourite actors or actresses name during an obstacle. This is done in order to check if you can still remember instructions and carry them out while under stress or physical effort.
  • Don’t attempt the completed obstacles again unless you’ve attempted all the obstacles first. This is a very common mistake that the candidates make and it goes very badly against you if you do so.

To perform well in IO, physical as well as mental fitness is very important. Go for a jog or a run every day to increase and maintain your stamina. Do some push ups, chin ups, sit ups to increase your upper body and core strength. By doing this you’ll be able to do all the obstacles with ease.

Jai Hind!

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