Important Missiles of India Armed Forces

Important Missiles of India Armed Forces

List of Important Missiles of India for all Defence exams

General Knowledge is very important subject of every competitive examination, defence knowledge is a keen part of this section. In this article we would be sharing the list of all Important Missiles of India that would help you in answering any question related to this topic. As NDA 2 2019 is approaching, at least one question is definitely going to come from this topic in General Awareness paper. Candidate should know about the missiles and their capability for the war.

In military language, a missile is also known as a guided missile which is a guided self-propelled flying weapon usually propelled by a fighter jet engine or rocket motor. Missile in ordinary language means an object which can be thrown, shot, or propelled toward a target.

Missiles have four system components:
  • Targeting or missile guidance
  • Flight system
  • Engine and 
  • Warhead.
Missiles come in different types adapted for multi purposes:
  • Surface-to-surface and air-to-surface missiles (ballistic, cruise, anti-ship, anti-tank, etc.)
  •  Surface-to-air missiles (anti-ballistic), 
  • Air-to-air missiles, and anti-satellite weapons missile

Here is the List of Important Missiles of India

Indian MissileType of Missile  Range of the Missile
BrahmosSupersonic Cruse Missile (Fastest cruise missile in the world)290 Km
Brahmos IIHypersonic Cruise Missile300 Km
AstraAir to Air Missile60 to 80 Km
Nirbhay  Subsonic Cruise Missile1000 to 1500 Km
Helina (Helicopter Launched Nag)Anti Tank Missile7 to 8 Km
K100 Air to Air Missile (Medium Range)300 to 400 Km
AkashMedium Range Surface to Air Missile30 to 35 Km
Barack 8 Long Range Surface to Air Missile100 Km
TrishulSurface to Air  Missile0.5 Km to 9 Km
Agni ISurface to Surface Ballistic Missile700 to 1250 Km
Agni IISurface to Surface Ballistic Missile2000 to 3000 Km
Agni IIISurface to Surface Ballistic Missile3500 to 5000 Km
Agni IVSurface to Surface Ballistic Missile3000 to 4000 Km
Agni VSurface to Surface Ballistic Missile5000 to 8000 Km
Agni VISurface to Surface Ballistic Missile (under development)8000 to 12000 Km
Prithvi ISurface to Surface  short range Ballistic Missile150 Km
Prithvi IISurface to Surface  short range Ballistic Missile350 Km
Prithvi IIISurface to Surface  short range Ballistic Missile350 to 600 Km
DhanushVariant of the surface-to-surface or ship-to-ship Prithvi III missile350 to 600 Km
Shaurya Hypersonic surface-to-surface tactical missile700 Km

India’s missile system serves a number of purposes in India's defence strategy. Fundamentally, its ballistic missile weaponry is a mean to deliver nuclear weapons to counter both China and Pakistan. The military requirement has pushed India to develop longer range ballistic missiles and to diversify its delivery platforms beyond mobile land-based missiles. In the era of modernization, India is developing ship- and sub-launched ballistic missiles, and has collaborated with Russia on cruise missile development to stand as a powerful nation.

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