How to approach Command Task in SSB

How to approach Command Task in SSB

How to approach Command Task in SSB 

Command Task is the 7th task that is conducted as a part of the GTO testing series. It is conducted on GTO Day 2. It’s a strategy based task and puts your leadership skills to the test. It has to be performed individually with 2-3 of your chosen sub-ordinates from the group.

Key aspects of Command Task in SSB

  • Time Duration: (5 – 15minutes
  • The GTO will brief the candidate about the obstacle and will make him/her a commander.
  • The GTO will then ask the candidate to call 2 sub-ordinates.
  • The commander (candidate) has to tackle the given obstacle with the help of their sub-ordinates within a given time frame.
  • Helping material provided: Rope, Plank, Wooden Log, Load and other task related materials.
  • The obstacles will be painted with different colours on certain parts. Each colour has a rule.
  • If anything has White painted on it, this means that it can be touched by the candidate as well as the helping materials.
  • If anything has Red painted on it, this means that it’s out of bounds and can’t be touched by the candidate or the helping material.
  • If anything has Blue painted on it, this means that the candidate can touch it but it’s out of bounds for the helping material and it can’t be touched by it.

Key points to remember during Command Task in SSB

  • Before the start of the task the GTO will have a few words with the candidate and ask a few questions. Answer them confidently and truthfully.
  • As soon as you are briefed about the task, start thinking about a strategy to complete it.
  • The sub-ordinates have to be selected according to the strategy that you’ve made. Logically deduce which group members to nominate. They have to be the ones who would effectively help you to overcome the task.
  • Being a commander doesn’t mean you can’t ask for advice from your sub-ordinates. It’s natural to do so if you’re genuinely stuck.
  • The GTO will keep making the task difficult by putting some restrictions on the obstacle or the helping materials. Don’t worry this is done to check if you can adapt to different circumstances or not. The GTO may also offer some hints to complete the task if you’re stuck.
  • The GTO will pressurize you during the task by calling out the time that you have left. Keep a cool and a level head while attempting the task, don’t get stressed otherwise it’ll hamper your performance only.
  • If you aren’t able to think, don’t give up, keep thinking because there is always a solution to the obstacles. Try to think out of the box.
  • As a commander it’s your responsibility to get the task done and take your sub-ordinates with you.
Command Task in SSB is the task where you get to showcase your ideas and problem solving abilities if you weren’t able to do so in the previous tests. To improve your problem solving skills solve riddles, try to do things in a different way, see if something can be done with another approach. Learn the physics and logic behind different structures and why they are made that way. This can be done easily at home as well.

Jai Hind

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