20 Original TAT Images for SSB Interview

20 Original TAT Images for SSB Interview

20 Original TAT Images for SSB Interview

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)

This is the first test that is conducted in the psychological test battery. In this test you would be shown total 12 different stories. The last 12th story would be blank slide and you would have to write any story of your own. You would be given 4 min total to write the story from which initial 30 seconds would be to observe and see the picture,

So to prepare for the TAT test, first you need to understand that what is required from you when you attempt these test. SSB recommends the candidates who have the Officers Like Quality in their personality. So, first understand and know what are these officers like qualities and how can you inculcate these qualities in your true personality and then in your stories.

Your story should be written in past tense which should have three things i.e what led to the situation, what is going on in the picture and what is the logical outcome of the picture.

The main things to keep in mind here are that what led to the situation should be completed in the 2 lines and the present ongoing things or the action part of the story should be written in at least 6-7 line and after you should sum up your story by giving the logical outcome or conclusion to it. Don’t act as superhero or take impractical approach to handle the situation the given picture.

Be normal human being and  write practical story related to your own personality, thinking out of the box ideas. Avoid negative approach in your stories. Your story should reflect the officer like qualities and positive approach towards life and it should not have content showing your negative qualities, pessimistic attitude, suicidal tendencies, depression or other psychological problems.

What we will recommend is to live your life to the fullest, practice different hobbies and interest and enjoy every single moment of it. Take whatever responsibility is given to you, even initiate work in your home, offices and talk to different people. In this way you would be able to write natural stories and that would really help you in clearing your SSB interview. Start observing things around you and make stories on the real life situations in mind. In this way you will be able to think fast and under pressure as well.

Here are, 20 Original TAT Images for SSB Interview

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