Naval Cadets Participated in camps 'Samudramanthan' and 'Varuna' 2019

Naval Cadets Participated in camps 'Samudramanthan' and 'Varuna' 2019

Naval Cadets Participated in camps 'Samudramanthan' and  'Varuna'

Shaping Future Naval Leadership, 225 cadets of IV and VII term participated in camps 'Samudramanthan' and ' Varuna' respectively, conducted from 11 Sept to 14 Sept 2019 at Indian Naval Academy (INA). The main aim of these camp was to enhance the espirit-de-corps, camaraderie and leadership qualities whilst testing physical endurance and mental strength of the cadets. The activities included route march, endurance runs, small arm firing, construction of rafts and punting, obstacle course, Whaler boat pulling along with other seamanship evolutions. The cadets also participated in quadrathlon comprising 25 kms run in full battle gear, 1000 mtr swim, obstacle course and weapon firing. The four day camp culminated with a camp fire. Eagle  Squadron won the camp Banner for the camp 'Samudramanthan' and Braveheart Squadron for camp "Varuna' for Autmn Term 2019 Commandant, INA Presented, camp Banner to the winning squadrons

The aim and objective of the Indian Naval Academy is to prepare young men and women to be a professional officer and capable leader in the navy by providing them best education supplemented with the required professional naval training. It is intended that all officers joining the Navy will pass through this academy so that the entire officer cadre is suitably initiated into the naval way of life starting with a common controlled foundation. Indian Naval Academy  conditions the young men and women cadets who have chosen the navy as a career with the mental and physical attributes to be able to exercise self-discipline, to perform efficiently under stress, to think and react quickly.

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