Indian Army and Air Force to carry out joint war games In Arunachal Pradesh

Indian Army and Indian Air Force to carry out joint war games

Indian Army and Indian Air Force would be jointly organizing war games in Arunachal Pradesh along China border in October.

Troops movement have already been started in this direction and more than 5,000 highly specialized Indian Army soldiers in mountain warfare along with over 50 transport aircraft and helicopters will take part in the joint war games and drills.

Under this military exercise, the soldiers will be airlifted from a far off location and would be dropped and deployed close to a zone where they would simulate a major war like exercise with the eastern adversary China.

The troops that will take part would be from 17 Mountain Strike Corps and the Tezpur based 4 Corps which will be tasked with defending the targets by the 17 Mountain Strike Corps.

The 17 strike corps of Indian Army is the only formation readied for attacking enemy positions along the China border. The Pakistan front has three strike corps.

The troops of the 17 strike corps would be airlifted from Baghdogra and deployed in Arunachal Pradesh as part of the massive war games. This would be the first and biggest ever war game done by the strike corps in the eastern region.

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