Most Important Synonym and Antonym for CDS II 2019

Most Important Synonym and Antonym for CDS II 2019

Most Important Synonym and Antonym for CDS II 2019

As CDS 2 2019 is approaching, every candidate has pulled up their socks to clear the written examination and get SSB Interview call letter. In this article, we would be providing you the most important synonym and antonym for CDS II 2019 exam. Vocabulary comprises one of the most scoring bunch of questions in CDS exam. A sound vocabulary is always anticipated to crack the questions based on synonym and antonym. Here, are some of the important synonym and antonym  for CDS II 2019 exam

Most Important Synonym and Antonym for CDS II 2019

1. Aback 
Synonym- Surprised
Antonym- Relax, Contended

2. Abandon
Synonym- Desert, Leave
Antonym- Continue, Carry On

3. Abashed
Synonym- Embarrass, Humiliate
Antonym- Unabashed, Undaunted

Synonym- Weaken, Lessen
Antonym- Strengthen, Intensify

Synonym- Worsen, Compound
Antonym- Soothe, Calm

6. Bigotry
Synonym- Fanaticism, Prejudice
Antonym- Tolerance, Impartiality

7. Burgeon
Synonym- Expand, Swell
Antonym- Shrink, Contract

8. Cajole
Synonym- Hoard, Store
Antonym- Discard, Remove

9. Callous
Synonym- Insensitive

10. Cantankerous
Synonym- Bad Tempered
Antonym- Uncooperative

11. Catapult
Synonym- Excel, Marshal
Antonym- To recede, Decline

12. Convene
Synonym- Summon, Call
Antonym-Disperse, Leave

13. Decimate
Synonym- Annihilate, Exterminate
Antonym-Bear, Build, Create

14. Devious
Synonym- Unfair, Fraudulent
Antonym- Honest, Fair

15. Effeminate
Synonym- Effete, Unmanly
Antonym- Masculine, Manly

16. Emaciated
Synonym- Thin, Skeletal
Antonym- Chubby

17. Expatiate
Synonym- Expound, Lecture
Antonym- Compress, Abridge

18. Felicity
Synonym- Bliss, Delight
Antonym- Sorrow, Unhapiness

19. Fortitude
Synonym- Courage, Bravery
Antonym- Cowardice, Fear

20. Gratify
Synonym- Please, Gladden
Antonym- Dissatisfy, Displease

21. Incorrigible
Synonym- Hardened, Hopeless
Antonym- Changeable, Alienable

22. Iniquitous
Synonym- Wicked, Sinful
Antonym- Good, Virtuous 

23. Obliterate
Synonym- Demolish, Annihilate
Antonym- Create, Establish

24. Obstinate
Synonym- Adamant, Inflexible
Antonym- Flexible, Amenable

25. Onerous
Synonym- Arduous, Demanding
Antonym- Effortless, Easy

26. Palliate
Synonym- Alleviate, Soothe
Antonym- Aggravate, Agitate

27. Pellucid
Synonym- Comprehensible
Antonym- Understandable

28. Quaint
Synonym- Bizzare
Antonym- Common

29. Rabid
Synonym- Crazed, Fanatical
Antonym- Moderate, Liberal

Synonym-Laud, Praise
Antonym-Criticise, Blame

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