Why to join Indian Army as a career

Why to join Indian Army as a career

Why to join Indian Army as a career: Indian Army promises a career that is totally different from any other govt or private organisation. Joining Indian Army as an officer requires a lot of Hard Work and dedication. If you are thinking of making your career in the Indian Armed forces you should be aware about the selection procedure and the lifestyle of Indian Army. If you have made your mind to join Army, then you should stick to it and follow it till the time you achieve it. Joining Indian Army as a career offers a golden opportunity to be a part of world’s top Army and get yourself trained to be a Officer and a Gentleman for life.

Why to join Indian Army as a career

Indian Army promises a career with full of adventure. A career with professional and personal growth at every stage. Joining Indian Army is possible after finishing your 12th and even after graduation. Apart from pay and perks Army offers you the best lifestyle, sports, extracurricular activities as compare to any other organisation

Life in Indian Army

Life in Indian Army is challenging yet satisfying and adventurous. Everyday is new and has got something interesting for you. The life style of Indian Army is totally different as spirit of comradeship and brotherhood, despite of any caste, creed or religion. It Follows the motto, “One for all and all for one”. A close bond amongst soldiers forces them to choose death instead of dishonour. Serving selflessly in the borders day and night for the nation takes courage and guts. A officer should be a man of his words, forthright, as the men he leads are ready to lay down their life without questioning why?

How to join Indian Army as an Officer

To join Indian Army there are many type of entries according to your age group.

Permanent Commission

Type of Commission
Eligibility Criteria
4 Years (3 years at NDA, 1 year at IMA)
Awarded Graduate
Degree from NDA
Direct Entry (UPSC CDS Entry)
1 year and 6 months (IMA)
ACC Entry
4 Years (3 years in ACC Wing and 1 years at IMA)
Graduate Degree from
ACC Wing
Technical Graduate
Course and Post
Graduate Entries
(AEC & MF)
Technical Graduate
and Postgraduate
(AEC & MF)
1 Years
Awarded 1 years ante date seniority only to Tech Graduate
Any Engineering Degree
1 Years at IMA
Awarded 1 years  seniority only to Tech Graduate
Higher Secondary (11th Pass) Student
4 Weeks at OTA
Class XI CBSE pattern
1 years at IMA
10+2 Entry TES
10+2(PCM) Above (Min 70%)
Training 4 years
and Post Commission
Training 1 year

Short Service Commission

Type of Commission
SSC Tech entry
Engineering Degree/Equivalent
49 weeks
Awarded 1 year ante date Seniority
Non-Tech Men (UPSC Entry)
49 weeks
SSC (Women) Tech
Graduate/PG Diploma PG Degree /Engineering
49 weeks
Awarded 1 year ante date seniority for Tech Graduate
SSC (Women) Non Tech (UPSC Entry)
49 weeks

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